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How to be a Conscious Parent

How has your week been?  Mine life seems to have settled down a little but I know many people are going through big challenges at the moment.  For lots of people, the issues they have struggled with for many years … Read More

Understanding Acupuncture

Well, today is the last day of summer.  I’m not quite ready for it to end.  But of course if I take my own advice I know that I need to accept what IS. In fact the Buddhists say the … Read More

The End of Complacency

Well I’ve had another gorgeous week at the beach. I think I could get used to this. I’ve been coming back to see clients on Tuesday and Wednesday through January but we’re packing up the caravan this Friday and coming … Read More

How to Reclaim Your Joy

How has your week been? What a scorcher of a day yesterday. The cool change was such a relief. I’m writing this as I listen to the rain on the roof of the caravan. It’s lovely. I’ve definitely had a … Read More

Teens and the Anxiety Epidemic

Well I hope you’re enjoying the school holidays and this gorgeous summer weather we’ve been having. I actually hit the surf on Sunday and it was glorious. There’s something so cleansing about swimming in the ocean. Diving under a wave … Read More

How to be Lazy and Successful

I hope your week has been enjoyable. What gorgeous weather we’ve had. Our caravan is still at the beach. I’m back in Melbourne for a couple of days to see clients, do some washing, see what’s in our letterbox, say … Read More

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