There is so much unsteadiness in the world and things are changing quickly. All the old patterns that are getting in the way of you being the best version of yourself need to shift.  We are in a time of expanding consciousness.  Many women are going through transitions. These transitions may be separation, grief, loss, stepping up or asking “what about me?”

Juliet wants to help people transition.  At this time many people are carrying very heavy dense energy and her work can align them to their soul and their guidance. It can remove energetic hooks, filters and negative beliefs that have been keeping them hostage in their bodies.

Juliet’s signature energy massage helps you connect to your true essence and seal your energy system again.  She says every body needs a Reconnection Massage to unravel the blocked energy.

At the start of each massage Juliet will talk with you about your specific intentions for the session. She will do an intuitive reading using your palms and perhaps your star chart. Juliet’s new treatment incorporates a full body massage with oil and is a potent combination of body work and working in multidimensional energy.

At the end of the session many people shine and sparkle and have a sense that they know what to do next in their life. They have a new found clarity, purpose and peace.

How much does it cost?

90 mins $180

60 mins $140

Package Discount –  1 x 90mins + 3 x 60mins  $520

Who are our Reconnection Healing practitioners?

Juliet Gauci