This profoundly powerful healing system consists of a bank of seven beautiful coloured lights that are positioned over the body. These lights are aligned with the 7 major Chakras and pulsate through specifically programmed clear quartz crystals.

The frequency of the lights is designed to clear, heal, rebalance, harmonise and energise each of the Chakras. The Crystal Light Bed was designed by the divine beings that work through John of God at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil. The Crystal Light Bed can create deep healing on all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual.

What issues can the Crystal Light bed help with?

The Crystal Light bed may help with a wide range of issues. When your Chakras are unbalanced, this can result in health issues of dis-ease within the body. Some of the issues that the Crystal Light Bed may help with include:

  • Energy Healing
  • Pain Management
  • Present and Past Blocked Energies
  • Aura and Chakra Clearings
  • Receive Life Path Clarity and Sense of Purpose
  • Clarification of Taste, Sight, Sound, Touch and Smell
  • Heal Love, Financial, Employment and Personal Issues
  • Relief of Self Imposed Burdens and Addictions
  • Live with Unconditional Love and True Happiness
  • Activate Light codes within the heart and DNA

How will it feel?

Your therapist will ask you to remove your shoes and lie fully clothed on a massage table. The bank of lights is positioned above you and each coloured light is aligned with your chakras or energy centres. Your eyes are covered and the lights switched off. The pulsing of the lights through the crystals may create sensations in the body including tingles, gentle pulsations or waves of energy.
Most people find it is a deeply relaxing and nurturing experience. Some people may experience discomfort as energy is cleared and released. This usually passes quickly. Others may fall asleep or go into a deep state of meditation. Some may not be aware of anything.
At the beginning of the session your therapist will guide into a relaxed state and then leave you to experience the session.
At the end of the session your therapist will return and gently guide you back to awareness. The 60 minute sessions include a brief consultation about your current issues and your intentions for the session.

What benefits might I receive?

After a Crystal Light Bed session many people report
• Feeling lighter
• Feeling calmer
• Feeling more energised
• Feeling more clear headed
• Feeling more aligned
• Feeling open hearted
• Feeling a deep relaxation
• Feeling more at peace
• Feeling less stressed
• Increased self-confidence and a feeling of self-love
• Improvements in health conditions
• Deeper spiritual insight

How many treatments will I need?

There is no limit to the number of sessions you can have with the Crystal Light Bed. Most people find that a session every two weeks is beneficial. If you are unwell or extremely stressed a daily session can create profound change.

How much does it cost?

$120/60 Minutes $65/30 Minutes

What people are saying

“For those who believe, no words are necessary, for those who do not believe, no words are possible.” Dom Inacio de Loyola

“Thank you for the awe inspiring journey Saturday afternoon. I say journey as I felt I was on a several hour journey which I wanted to never end. From Mountain tops to a crystal age, the most magnificent crystals which irradiated prisms of colour of all the colours of the rainbow. And so much more that my poor brain can’t grasp today.
My entire body was pulsating with these colours.
I was also exceptionally lucky to experience a beautiful indigo coloured tunnel of clearing over the third eye area.
As you aware every time I proceed with my intention to experience the crystal bed I have had the most unexplainable and excruciating headaches directly over my eye area. It actually got to a point after sensing a link that I would try to book the bed on the same day – hoping for a cancellation, so that I wouldn’t have to endure a week of headaches as was my first experience.
Funnily enough the minute I entered your clinic on both occasions they disappeared.
I also experienced a very short but profound magnification of energy which started in the centre of my body and irradiated outwards and outwards and outwards. A beautifully blissful source like connection.
Today I notice the sun is brighter, the sky is such a beautiful blue ( clouds and all ) and the grass is much greener. All colours are so much richer and scents are stronger. Thank you so much for facilitating this experience.” NG

“I certainly felt the calmness and gently tingling sensations throughout different parts of my body during the treatment. For me, I felt comfortable to allow the gentle waves manage my body with calmness. On the first night of the treatment, as in Reiki, I experienced and extremely deep, deep sleep. I woke up feeling calm and refreshed, as if all emotional weight had been removed from my head. Even this week, I seem to have managed normally emotional situations with a deep breath and calmness. I don’t feel the extreme knot/tension in my throat and chest which was normally followed by an uncontrollable emotional wave of tears.” JF

“Loved the crystal bed healing, highly recommend it has eased of my anxiety and l sleep better. A wonderful experience. Seems to have taken away my negative thoughts and energies.Was so peaceful and relaxing experience. Thankyou. Looking forward to my next one.” JW

Who are our Crystal Light Bed practitioners?

Alison Burton
Kimberley Nightingale