What causes allergies in children?

Allergies in children are caused by a dysfunction of the immune system, or an improper development of the immune system that results in an inflammatory response. A common condition seen in children is eczema as well as a number of other conditions including asthma and sinusitis.

What are some symptoms children may experience?

It is also common for children with allergies to experience both eczema and asthma as a result of their body’s reaction to the problem. Listen out for a wheeze and coughing, particularly a night time cough or check their skin for any inflammation or rashes. Other symptoms may include blocked sinuses with difficulty breathing, particularly while they are trying to sleep.

How does diet and lifestyle affect a child’s allergies?

There are a number of factors that influence childrens allergies.
There may be certain foods that are affecting your child. The introduction of solids may have occurred too early. Babies who weren’t breastfed also experience higher incidences of allergies. Even your child’s environment may be contributing to their allergy problem. They may be reacting to certain chemicals and products that you use within your home, or they may be affected by other environmental factors in and around the house, including plants or animals.

How can naturopathy help?

Eliminating the cause is the best way to improve symptoms. By also boosting the immune system your child is strengthened and then better able to tolerate the causative agent/s. There may be factors in your child’s environment such as where they sleep that are directly affecting them or the problem may be food related. As naturopaths it’s our job to determine exactly what is causing these problems and to help you as a parent to improve your child’s immune system to keep them well and allergy free. Through the use of safe nutritional advice and supplement support your child can be free of itchy rashes, breathe easily and just enjoy being a kid.