Have you ever wondered what foods you should be avoiding?
Do you suffer from unexplained stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhoea, headaches/migraine, unexplained sweating, nervousness or nausea and haven’t been able to find the cause?

We are thrilled to now be offering an easy, non-invasive Health and Food Sensitivity Test here at Simply Natural Therapies.

By simply providing us with a hair sample, our Naturopath, Anna Talaj, is able to assess you using a database of over 30,000 items.  These items include specific foods, chemicals, pathogens, bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungal infections.  It also includes which organs, systems or parts of the body are affected, including the energy field, meridians and energy centres.

Due to the simple nature of the testing, this is a perfect option for children to determine which foods or environmental factors they’re sensitive to.

The Multiple Analytical Resonance System (MARS III ) is based our current understanding that everything is vibrational.  As energy is the fundamental life force of the body. This therapy has the ability to measure and correct energetic  imbalances.

The Food Sensitivity or Intolerance Tests available with BioResonance are Non IgE-Mediated tests – meaning that the adverse reactions to foods, for example, bloating, diarrhoea, headaches etc., do not involve an immune response or allergic reaction and are not considered true food allergies. Conditions that affect metabolism like lactose and alcohol intolerance or responses to food components such as caffeine, theobromine in chocolate or fructose in fruit and vegetables are technically intolerances or sensitivities not allergies.

Not only does this simple test give you a report on what foods you should be avoiding, but by doing the ‘Full Health Test‘ it can also provide you with information on which areas of your body are most effected, which organs need  more support, possible external burdens you may be experiencing emotionally and environmentally, what vitamins and minerals you should be taking to support your entire system, chromotherapy (the colours you should surround yourself with) and what crystals may be supportive for you at this time of healing. This is a truly holistic approach.

Tests Available:

Wheat and Gluten Intolerance Test

Lactose and Casein (Dairy) Intolerance Test

Fructose and Alcohol Intolerance Test

Candida Test

Mould Test

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Trigger Test

Vitamins/Minerals/Herbs/Enzymes/Amino Acids

Standard Food 200 Intolerance Test
Tests over 200 foods and drinks

Gold Standard Food Test
Includes Wheat/Gluten/Dairy/Lactose/400 foods & drinks

All the above tests include a Report of findings, assessment and treatment recommendations.
Phone consultation is available at an additional cost. This can be rebated if you have Private Health Cover.

Full Health Test

Includes 6 body scans.  This offers the most comprehensive overview of your Health and Well Being

1) Intake Clearance – this scan lets you understand the area where you need to focus on eg physical body, emotional health, mental state or vitality etc.
2) Body Organs – this covers all body systems and highlights problems and those needing most attention.
3) Burdens/Toxins – a very useful scan that can identify ongoing problems that are affecting you. As the body has a tipping point from health to disease, being aware of the burdens you are being exposed to can help you make the right changes to better health eg sleeping with your phone next to your pillow leading to poor sleep and headaches, antibiotics affecting GUT function then suffering irritable bowel syndrome or low serotonin in the GUT leading to panic attacks, anxiety or depression.
4) Food Intolerances – testing over 400 different foods and drinks.
5) Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Enzymes, Amino Acids – lets you see which supplements are the right ones for you.
6) Remedies – personalised remedy based on your results.

This test comes with a full report and a phone consultation to discuss all findings with our Naturopath.
Private Health Rebates are available with consultations.
What people are saying about the Health and Food Sensitivity test:

“I can not believe what was picked up on my hair analysis test with Anna, an intolerance to most nuts (I was pretty much living on nuts at the time), pain that I was having in my left ear and high levels of an animal anaesthetic I work with in my job just to name a few!  I was horrified that what I have been breathing in at work in what I thought was small amounts came out in a hair sample! I have since been able to adjust my diet and my work environment and haven’t felt this well in a very long time. I’m sleeping better, my stomach doesn’t hurt all the time and my headaches have gone away completely.  The insight I gained about myself through Anna’s testing has been invaluable.” -Amy 

If you would like to make an appointment with Anna to organise this testing please phone the clinic on 98427033, or to book online CLICK HERE