• Do you struggle with weight loss? 
  • Do you think too much about food?
  • Do you have food cravings? 
  • Or a stubborn body?
  • Are you sick of restrictive diets and pushing yourself to exercise?

To be honest, most of us have been there and done that and it takes up way too much headspace, time and energy.

If you’re looking for a safe and permanent solution to your weight issue, then you’ll love our ground-breaking and incredibly successful approach.

Changing your mindset about food can help get you off the diet treadmill forever. Discover how to be at peace with food and allow your body to naturally and easily achieve your ideal healthy weight.

We know there are so many weight loss programs and products on the market it can be difficult to know what to trust.  At Simply Natural Therapies we believe there is a big difference between losing weight and permanently making peace with food and your body.

There are many ways to lose weight, but the only way to be permanently free of your weight issue is to change your mindset.

If you’ve struggled to lose weight then take a look at our Weight Off Your Mind  Program. It will open your mind to a whole new approach to food, and give you the ability to eat normally and naturally.

We don’t believe in diets and we will teach you how to safely get off the diet treadmill forever. You’ll learn meditation techniques, experience hypnosis, and discover some great information on safe and effective ways to detox your body, eliminate cravings, break old habits and stay on track.

Our Weight Loss Program consists of 4 x 60 minute private sessions with one of our highly qualified and experienced hypnotherapists.

What can it treat?

This program is designed for people who struggle to control their eating. Like most people, I’m sure you know what you should and should not be eating to lose weight. If making healthy choices doesn’t come easily for you, or if you use food for comfort, or you have been on the diet treadmill for a while, then you will love our innovative, holistic, mind-body approach.

How will it feel?

Our Weight Loss Seminars are held in a relaxed and comfortable group setting. You can participate as much or as little as you like. The session will leave you feeling motivated and empowered. You will discover that you have a new approach to food and eating, and that you feel much more at peace with yourself. We find that changes can be implemented immediately and are easily sustained.

What benefits might I receive?

You will learn to think, feel and behave like someone who doesn’t have a weight issue. You will then automatically achieve and maintain your ideal healthy weight. Your peace of mind and self-esteem will increase. The meditation and self hypnosis techniques that you will learn are useful for life, as well as some powerful, quick and effective ways to manage emotions. Many people invest an enormous amount of mental energy, time and money in their weight problem. Our program can free you permanently from worrying about your weight.

How many treatments will I need?

Our Weight Loss Program of 4 x 60 minute private sessions. Many people simply attend our two hour seminar once and get wonderful results.

What people are saying

I attended a weight loss seminar run by Simply Natural Therapies in September and have to say to anybody considering it “GO FOR IT” Stop wasting time with traditional restrictive diets as they are impossible to stick to…… After 1 month I am 5kg lighter and feel fantastic. My lifelong habits, addictions and cravings have disappeared. I was raised on white bread peanut butter toast for breakfast a habit extending over 30 years and now I automatically choose low fat milk and cereal with fresh fruit for breakfast. I come out from doing a grocery shop and wonder why I didn’t put any unhealthy treats or snacks in my trolley. I have been automatically dishing up smaller meal portions and the thought of my once fav food fish and chips makes me feel ill in the stomach. All of my food cravings are gone!!!! No will power required!!!! I just don’t feel like eating those types of food anymore. I no longer stand at the pantry looking for something to eat.
This has been a truly amazing and life changing experience.
Thank you for allowing me to become a slimmer sexier healthier ME!!!!!
Vanessa K

“Everything is different. I didn’t come expecting an instant fix but it was different from the moment I walked out. I “zen ate” 5 chips and they were lovely but 5 was enough. I ate 2 squares of chocolate and that was enough. It tasted much richer and sweeter than before. I now want real food for my body and I am craving green leafy foods and oranges and bananas. I am using the BeFree remedy and any cravings for sugary foods are instantly gone. There are foods I used to eat, that I simply don’t want for my body any more. I sometimes have something just for the “mouth experience” but I need very little.”
Amanda P. (A week after her first hypnosis session)

“I have lost 6 kg and feel so much better. I am also sleeping a lot better.”
Vivienne T

“Simply Natural Therapies has a program to assist with weight management. My emotional behaviour towards food was my issue and I was really happy to work on this and be free of the emotional blackmail I brought on myself.”
Eve M

“The session was excellent, some very practical tools to shift my ‘weigh’ of eating. I look forwards to working with these skills in my life.”
Sara L

“Really interesting. Great info and thought process. Great to have info and CD to reinforce today’s session” Jane T

“The session was excellent, some very practical tools to shift my ‘weigh’ of eating. I look forward to working with these skills in my life.”  Emma H

“Very helpful. Lots of suggestions can’t wait to see the results. Thank you”   Gail N

“Hypnosis was very valuable and interesting.”  Jacinta L

“Very, very, very relateable. As if she was speaking to me. I was unsure if I would be hypnotised but I was. I took a bit out of the session.”  Helen P

“Relaxing. Gives techniques to rethink about food but the interesting thing is I didn’t feel that there was an emphasis on food.”  Sharon K

“It was an excellent session. Everything was explained very clearly. I’m now looking forward to it working. Thank you”  Fiona B

“Very informative. I am looking forward to taking control of my weight loss- challenge of more than 18yrs”   Erin M

“I really enjoyed the session. It was very engaging and I learnt a lot and had some great realisations. I feel confident and happy after the hypnosis session. The best thing is it feels easy. Thank you.”  Louise J

“I lost 50 kilos in 10 months without even trying. I don’t really understand how it worked but it was so easy.” Grace T

“For some reason I’m simply not interested in the foods that aren’t good for me. I really do prefer fruits and vegies now, just like the suggestion in the CD says.”  Susan F

How much does it cost?

$200/60mins Private Session
$695/4 x 60mins Private Sessions

Who offers Weight Loss with Hypnosis?

Alison Burton