Medical Scientist
B.App Sci (MLS)

About Tania:

Tania Delahoy is a Medical Scientist with nearly 20 years experience in diagnostic pathology, primarily in clinical haematology and specialist blood morphology. She has worked in several major hospitals and private pathology in New Zealand and in Melbourne before joining the team at Simply Natural Therapies as a specialised in-house integrative pathology provider.

With a long standing interest in comprehensive health studies, Tania has a B.App Sci (MLS) from RMIT and has completed additional training in integrative pathology testing. Tania works alongside the practitioners at Simply Natural performing microscopic blood analysis and other specialised testing. For Tania this is the ideal way of incorporating her experience in clinical haematology with her love of integrative medicine.

Tania is passionate about blood analysis as she believes that it provides the ideal screening tool to give valuable and insightful information to each client and their practitioner to better manage health and well being goals. Tania has a special interest in children for whom the test is ideal as it is minimally invasive, gives a sneak peek into their internal health and they just love seeing their blood magnified in front of them.

What does Tania offer:

Blood Analysis
Pathology Result Interpretation : If you have recent routine pathology results these will be reviewed against optimal ranges and include specialised calculations to give your practitioner more detailed  information in regards to your overall health.

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