About Pascale Seiler:

Pascale is the founder and director of Intuity World, Asia’s 1st Business that is committed to bringing inner wisdom to modern living for real-world success.

She is a renowned Intuitive Transformational Light Coach, Fast Track & Serenity Vibrational Healer, Trainer, Author and Radio Host. She possesses the unique gift to tap into people’s lives through creating a direct channel with your higher wisdom that allows for miracles and transformations to occur. She literally blows the lid or wow’s the pants off what’s possible in her clients’ lives. They are forever altered and deeply transformed in her sessions.

She has had the profound privilege of working with clients from all over the world Switzerland, UK, Austria, Singapore, Australia, US, Canada, Hong Kong and South Africa causing one remarkable breakthrough after another in her clients’ lives. 

She will guide you to unlock the miraculous in all areas on your life whether it be financial abundance, relationships, your career and purpose she will shine a heavenly light on it all.

Born and having grown up in Hong Kong, Pascale blends the passion of the West with the loving wisdom of the East, which allows her to embrace her complete wholeness. She believes that what sets her apart is embracing all parts of who she is allowing others to do the same.

She has a laser-like ability to channel the messages from the divine with the perfect dose of love, ruthless compassion and light. Your life will transform in a minute in her presence and she will give you new openings for your life that you never deemed were possible.


What Pascale’s Clients are Saying:

‘Pascale’s contribution has been truly amazing. She has consistently helped me to really get in touch with the core of who I am. She has taught me how to get out of the mental and to really get in touch and in tune with my higher self. I see that the mental conflicts were going on because there was a lot of garbage around the way I related to myself and it was so automatic.

I have released the past and am now freed up to listen to what I want, I stretch and risk myself in new ways that light me up and have began to cultivate a new relationship with self-trust. I trust the best things unfold naturally now in my world.

I also love how Pascale makes getting in touch with your spirituality so light and easy. This truly has expanded and broadened my spiritual horizon. I look forward to delving and diving into it all.

Thanks Pascale’  Christine Lin

‘”Pascale has a special talent and is highly intuitive. She knew things about me that astonished me and was able to use her gifts to help me understand myself and my issues crystal clearly.

Pascale got me to realise how I had been locked into my caregiver role all these years. I saw how that had truly been limiting me and blocking me off from really being able to relate newly with staff members in my team, my partners and most of all myself.

I realized that I was settling for much less than I deserved and have now gone about setting up a new field around me that allows me to be seen and admired for who I am. I am now able to also step back and allow others to learn how to take the lead and be responsible for themselves.

Doing this work with Pascale has freed me up no end, I see that being a leader is also empowering others to find their own way and trusting they will get there on their own and they don’t need my help to do it.” Anon

“Pascale has truly opened my eyes to who I want to be, who I can be and has equipped me with the tools to getting there. Incredible stuff!

Before working with Pascale, I had almost exhausted all of my options trying to get help dealing with what I called then, my inner demons. To no avail, until I met Pascale; all of the psychologists I had worked with were unable to help me let go of the past.

Whereas with Pascale, it took me just our first session together for me to be convinced that she was the lady that was going to be the one that would transform my life. And she did! Pascale is the best that’s out there; she has empowered me in every area of my life. Everyone who knows me has told me that I have 360 degree changed from who I was. I am a different person and that has everything to do with Pascale.

To name all the benefits I got from working with Pascale would take too long, but for starters, I am now able to have a voice and speak up for who I truly am, I have an amazing relationship that I love, I had the courage to move away to start a new life together not to mention wanting to go off travelling for a year together with him. I now know what I want, who I am and totally believe I am capable of achieving whatever I put my heart too. Pascale, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all that you have done for me!’

Rahel, Switzerland

“Pascale Seiler will wow you every time; she’ll send shivers down your spine with the truth, insight and power behind her words. She will touch, move and inspire you; she is one of a kind! She sets her clients on fire by her breathtaking training and transformation. She is the new Celine of transformation; setting the intuition flame alive into all the lives of the people she touches.”

Kate Padget Koh, Hong Kong

What does Pascale offer:

Intuitive Light Sessions via Skype or in person 90 minutes/$295 120mins/$375

Pascale acts as a conduit for the session to happen. She is a clear channel for what wants to come through with the client.

She then begins to laser in using her intuitive light to tap into the issues the client is facing be it conscious issues and or subconscious issues.

Either way, what’s unique about Pascale work and the session is Pascale is working on the DNA and Cellular level. Uprooting the core of the issues from the root level (which includes your Genetic Lineage/ Generational and Systemic and Family issues) and then as she removes the negative imprinting entirely from the past, she lovingly and powerfully works to reset and imprint a whole new paradigm and world of positive and new programming into the client’s system.

This is now in direct alignment with your new set of current beliefs and ways of working that gives rise to experiencing life newly and have you producing new transformational results in all aspects of your life. Allowing you to experience the life you truly dreamed of.

An Intuitive Light session is deep, penetrating, it’s awakening and transformational at the same time. It is light, easy, fun and deliciously juicy as it’s aligning you with your highest potential every time, uncovering layer by layer that which doesn’t serve you anymore that needs to be removed so that the more real, authentic you can truly emerge like a butterfly from its chrysalis.

To book a session with Pascale SMS 0415 401 655 or email us on info@simplynaturaltherapies.com.au

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