Classes & Events

Simply Natural Therapies offers a range of classes to support your health, well-being and spiritual growth, all provided by accredited and talented practitioners

We endeavor to offer classes to suit everyone, whether you’ve recently discovered alternative therapies, are an advanced yoga student or just need an escape from everyday stresses.

If you’re unsure which class is best for you or would like some more information, feel free to get in contact with us. Your health and wellbeing is our focus.

All classes and workshops are to be paid for 48 hours prior to the class commencing. Minimum attendee numbers do apply and classes may be cancelled and payments refunded if minimum numbers aren’t reached.

HATHA YOGA with Lucy Hill

Become part of our Yoga community and find balance and harmony in your life. Gain knowledge and appreciation of ancient wisdom.  Our gentle nurturing class allows you time to slow down and re-connect.  Revitalizing your mind, body and spirit. Improving, posture, breath, flexibility and focus. Strengthening your capacity to be present.
Relaxation. Postures, Breath work and Meditation.
*Classes suitable for beginners.

 Wednesdays at 9.30am-11.30 pm *except for school holidays.  Cost is $100/5 classes BOOK HERE


Unplug from all the stress and worry that life can bring and surrender to peace, bliss, healing and the easiest meditation you’ve ever tried.  Let enchanting singing bowls go to work on your mind, body and spirit with their tension-melting vibrations, soothing sounds, healing frequencies and brainwave altering binaural beats.  Ninety minutes to recalibrate, heal and bliss out with the amazing Tabitha Dougall.  Sound healing meditation with Tibetan singing bowls can be helpful for relaxation, goal-setting, improved sleep, physical tension, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, trauma, emotional blocks, focus, addiction, supporting cancer treatment and much more. 1st Saturday of each month 4pm-5.30pm. Cost is $30 BOOK HERE 


Author of “Advanced Studies of the Human Energy Field” and Spiritual Teacher David Christopher Lewis will share El Morya’s teachings on cleansing the human aura. By cleansing the human aura, we become more luminous. The surrounding atmosphere becomes enlightened. It then attracts more positive energy resulting in inner peace and harmony. Friday October 19th 10.30am to 12.30pm. Cost is $25 BOOK HERE

How to Live a Heart-Centered, Mindful Life

A Life-Changing 2-Day Seminar. Experience transformative teachings from the ascended masters of the East and West, delivered through David Christopher Lewis:
·      Saint Germain on soulfully co-creating a new era of love and freedom
·      Kuan Yin on accentuating mercy to live in a field of heart-centered joy
·      Jesus on the importance of mindfulness in our daily lives
Come together in Geelong for 2 incredible days of prayer, song, dance, meditation and fellowship with like-minded spiritual friends. In-person Soul-Raising Sessions will be available, which include a soul reading, aura cleansing, and wave blessing. The ascended masters are saints, sages and spiritually evolved individuals from all cultures who have passed their tests, balanced their karma, and now reside in etheric realms of light. BOOKINGS ARE DIRECTLY WITH DAVID. Saturday October 20th to Sunday October 21st. Norlane Community Centre – Geelong. Cost is $120  per person including a light lunch or $60 for either day. BOOK HERE

A Day Trip with the Ascended Masters

Join David Christopher Lewis and The Hearts Center team on a day excursion to the waterfalls of Lorne. Connect and listen to the insightful communications of the ascended masters in the peace and tranquility of nature. Bus travel between Geelong to Lorne, with only 24 seats available BOOKINGS ARE DIRECTLY WITH DAVID. Monday 22nd October 8:00am to 5:00pm. Cost is $60 per person *Transport and teaching only. BOOK HERE

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