AWAKENING WISDOM LEADERSHIP PROGRAM with Pascale Seiler and Alison Burton

This 12-month online course will support you to embody your own higher wisdom and allow it to guide your life.  The world needs you to assemble and take your rightful “Wisdom Leadership” place wherever it calls to you right now.

This is a 12 month committed monthly offering which allows for longevity, commitment, and embodiment of the spiritual practices being offered to step into your own unique expression of your Wise Leader.

Included in this offering are:
# Two Group Zoom Teaching and Coaching Sessions each month
# A Wisdom and Leadership Blueprint PDF on each monthly topic
# An Audio on the monthly Wisdom Leadership Topic
# An opportunity to connect, engage and ask questions in our dedicated Facebook group.

The fortnightly group coaching calls with Alison and Pascale will take a “Principle of an Embodiment” for the month and allow us to practice in real-time how to truly embody that principle, and hear where you’re getting stuck.

There will be an opportunity to share where you may have challenges, and opportunities for real-time group coaching with individuals in the session for stratospheric breakthroughs for all of us.

You’ll be part of a private Wisdom Leadership Accountability Facebook Group where we will be sharing updated new content, wisdom leader tips and strategies to apply for each month to ensure you’re receiving your Wisdom Leadership results and the outcomes that are needed.

We’ll set you up with a wisdom and leadership accountability buddy to support you both throughout the duration of the course.

We warmly invite you to take part in this first-ever cohort of Wisdom Leadership.
We really look forward to seeing you there.

The Fee for the 12-month course is $288 a month.

If you’re ready to dive deeper then Pascale is offering a Monthly Private 60-minute Coaching Session as an adjunct to this course.

These sessions are designed to distinguish the personal and unique blueprint of your Wisdom Leadership that allows it to take full shape, full colour and full voice in the world. Identify your barriers and blockages to embracing your full Wisdom Leadership and has you stepping forward into your next evolutionary step as a Wisdom Leader in the world, connected with your craft, mission, or soul’s calling and work in the world.

The Additional Fee for Monthly Private Coaching is $244 per month for 12 months.

    Commencement date TBA
  • Cost:
    $288 per month


During this course you’ll learn a range of powerful, quick and effective techniques to manage stress, calm your mind and be at peace. You’ll also learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions, explore the mind-body connection and enhance your health and happiness.

Each of the 8 Online Modules includes a 20 to 30-minute Video Presentation, a beautiful Guided Meditation and a pdf of the Module Notes.

You’ll receive one Module a week to allow you to easily incorporate the techniques into your daily life.

* Classes suitable for beginners.

  • Cost:
    Normally $295 Currently $89

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Terms and Conditions: All classes and workshops are to be paid for 48 hours prior to the class commencing.

Minimum attendee numbers do apply and classes may be cancelled and payments refunded if minimum numbers aren’t reached.

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