At Simply Natural Therapies we encourage our patients to take an active part in managing and understanding their health. Blood Analysis is a unique and insightful testing service to our patients.

Why do we recommend this type of blood testing?

This form of blood analysis allows you to see your blood and the changes it may show right in front of you, it is fascinating and engaging and at the same time is very informative for your practitioner in regards to your internal health. It is highly sensitive and may pick up indicators of subtle, early changes influencing your health.

Testing is performed on site by our own medical scientist Tania Delahoy who is a highly qualified medical scientist with nearly 20 years experience in Haematology in particular specialist blood morphology. Through the comprehensive screening assessment and an understanding of the most recent health research screening Tania is able to give you a clear overview of the results and the importance of these on your health. An individualised report of findings including 2-4 photos with explanations and recommendations is sent to your practitioner who will then work with you to develop a comprehensive health restoration proposal to help you achieve your health goals. This report is yours to keep and will enable you to see your progression over time and compare with follow up testing.

What are we looking for?

Several different important health parameters are assessed including:

  1. Nutritional Status i.e. Iron, Vitamin B12 and Folate and essential fatty acids.
  2. Oxidative Stress, the free radical damage to our DNA which ages us.
  3. Inflammation, an important driver of cardio-metabolic disease and atherosclerosis.
  4. Gastrointestinal Health e.g. Leaky Gut Syndrome.
  5. Immune Status, the right types, numbers and proportions of white cells.
  6. Liver stress.
  7. Metabolic Health i.e. fat/sugar dysregulation.
  8. Monitoring of genetic mutations such as MTHFR
Would you benefit from this test?

It is an ideal screening tool for those wanting to optimise their health and well being including athletes, weight loss clients and those people struggling with chronic or unexplained poor health. It is also particularly suitable for children as it is minimally invasive.  Seeing your blood magnified in front of you is fun and fascinating. It also can enable you to have a better understanding of your health.

To make an appointment:

If you are interested in finding out how your health might be improved today you can ask one of your  Simply Natural practitioners or call us on 98427033 to make an appointment.  No referral is needed to have this blood analysis performed and you do not need to be a current patient to book an appointment. If you do not have your own natural healthcare practitioner and you would like follow up with a naturopath we can refer you to one of our expert practitioners that would best suit your needs.

*Please Note: This type of blood analysis is a screening tool to help you and your practitioner obtain a better picture of your health status.  It is not currently registered with TGA and does not replace routine pathology testing or medical advice from your Doctor.