Kara is a Transformational Healer

Contact: 0407 872 595
Location: Online or Natural Pathways in Mitcham
Are you ready to explore your divine nature at the deepest level?  Traditional to the way of the sorceress, Kara can help you to transform the dark aspects of you.  This means clearing out your old stories and the wounding that has been stuck in your physical body in order to find peace and acceptance of every aspect of yourself.  This will also bring the necessary changes you need to love yourself and your life in a deeply satisfying way.

If you feel the pull to step into empowerment and remove the shackles that stop you from joy, self-love and deep peace, then this work is for you.

Conscious Couple Sessions –

Perfect for couples wanting to heal challenges with communication and intimacy within their relationship. Sessions with me will highlight old patterns of behaviour and emotional wounding that keep the relationship limited and prevent access to deeper love and connection.


  • Diploma in Holistic Counselling
  • Meditation Teacher Training
  • Reiki Level 1 & 2
  • Light Dynamics Level 1 & 2
  • Medical Intuitive Level 1-5
  • Certificate in Seichim Healing
  • Certificate in Ascended Chakra Rebalance

What to Expect

Accessing sacred wisdom and channelled guidance whilst utilising her gifts of energy healing and medical intuition, Kara is able to provide clarity and practical steps about how the healing needs to take place.

The sessions include an energy healing component where Kara’s hands are guided to gently access your energy bodies and meridian system to create the flow and freedom you’re seeking.

Cocooned and nurtured while the transformation takes place, you will feel loved and supported until you’re ready to step out of the illusion, into an experience of greater self-awareness, self love and healing.

What people are saying about sessions with Kara

Kara has warmth and wisdom and shares both abundantly. She manages to explain esoteric concepts and ideas in a practical way. For me, sessions with Kara have involved tears and laughter. They have been illuminating and have contributed to a sense of expansion and awareness for me. Living with a chronic medical condition for years, I have seen many practitioners. There has been more healing progress for me in just a few sessions with Kara and Carolyn than in the many years before. I’m so thankful to have Kara, a compassionate and divine teacher, as part of my ‘light’ team. -Julia

I feel blessed to have Kara present in my life. Through her intuitive healing and naturally empathetic and loving nature, Kara has brought profound healing experiences to both myself and friends whom I have recommended her to. I am looking forward to continuing my path of inner growth and unconditional self-love with Kara.

Kara is a gentle and caring healer whose beautiful soul shines through in everything she does. She led me through some wonderful sessions, teaching me to free up energy, heal relationships and to reconnect with myself. I would highly recommend Kara’s Intuitive Healing processes and gentle, caring manner to anyone who feels drawn to connect with her. – Sallyanne Hartnell

I came to see Kara having suffered frequent and debilitating headaches for many years. I had tried diet modification, preventative drugs, both homeopathic and pharmaceutical, and osteopathic treatment, but nothing seemed to have any impact on the frequency or severity of the pain. Through counselling and reiki healing sessions, Kara was able to isolate the route of my headaches and give me effective strategies to prevent them recurring. Her approach was gentle, relaxing and empathetic. I was able to open up to her without fear of judgement and be honest to myself as well as her. She has taught me how to live my life in a more centred and calm manner and to be less critical of myself. I would highly recommend her healing services for anyone who has unresolved emotional issues or ongoing health concerns. – Georgie Wilkinson

Kara was the most wonderful experience…we got to know each other quite well at the end of our sessions, I found Kara to be  an insightful, loving, caring, warm human being, with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the human physche….and an ability to “See” clearly, situations in my life where I might react, think or act, on impulse from a lifetime of being “me” .. that are not in my best interests…I had soul and spiritual help with Kara”s crystal healing, and I received practical practices to incorporate into my daily life to both help and nurture me…I would not hesitate to recommend Kara to anyone….she holds a safe, loving, nurturing space for all… with gratitude,  Jenny

What does Kara offer:

Medical Intuitive Healing