Medical Intuitive Healing is the art of healing that makes you whole so that life is fulfilling, harmonious and abundant.

It accesses ancient and sacred wisdom and combines it with today’s modern quantum physics to understand what each body part communicates and its emotional link. By finding the ‘story’ of what has occurred it can help you to discover the lesson behind the problem in order to experience a new perception, and choose a new way of thinking and living.

Medical Intuition uses ancient tools and techniques to bring about healing and deep transformation.

How can medical intuition help you?

Understand what your body is trying to tell you through its dis-ease, aches and pains.

Identify and resolve the painful stories and limiting beliefs that prevent you from seeing the magnificence of who you truly are.

Access your innate wisdom in order to discover a deeper love for yourself and others.

What will the session be like?

Medical Intuitive healings are deeply nurturing.  Clients often describe the peace and calm they feel at the closure of the session.

They involve a combination of conversation followed by time on a massage table. You will receive intuitive guidance and hands on healing while a personalised crystal grid set up especially for you works its magic to support your intention for the session.

Energetic shifts and self realisation occur with ease and grace during and post the session.

How much does it cost


Who offers Medical Intuitive Healings?

Kara Kovacs