We closed our clinic on July 19th, 2020, after 18 years at Tunstall Square in Doncaster East. Simply Natural Therapies and Alison Burton are now based at 1036 Doncaster Rd. This is just a kilometre closer to the city.

The good news is… All our listed Practitioners may be found at different local locations so please contact them directly to make an appointment. Their contact details can be found on their individual Practitioner Page.

Caring for your mind, body, and soul

In response to the COVID-19 guidelines many of our Practitioners are now offering their services ONLINE including your Free Health Assessment.   

At Simply Natural Therapies we believe you deserve health and happiness.  At this challenging time its more important than ever to take care of your health and wellbeing.  If you’d like a comprehensive, thorough and co-ordinated approach then you’re in the right place.  We take the time to listen deeply to you and we make it easy for you to take the steps to be as well as you can be on all levels; mind, body and soul.

We understand that finding the right natural therapies can be confusing, overwhelming and sometimes expensive. And we know that most health issues have multiple causes. The benefit of working with Simply Natural Therapies is that we understand that there’s much more to you than your symptoms or your diagnosis.  The condition of your mind, body and soul all play a really important role in your overall health and well-being.

We aim to take everything into account and address all aspects of your health, happiness and well-being.

“Obviously, health is much more than a disease free interlude. To be healthy is to have a body toned to maximum performance potential, a clear mind exploding with wonder and curiosity and a spirit at peace with the world.”

Dr. Patch Adams from his book Gezundheit

Our extensive range of Natural Therapies, Classes and Events can help you to reclaim your health and happiness.

If you’re:

  • Struggling with a physical, mental or emotional issue.
  • Suffering from stress, anxiety or depression.
  • Looking for natural therapies or natural remedies to support your health.
  • Struggling with a health issue or chronic pain that doctors and specialists can’t pinpoint.
  • Ready to explore life beyond the mainstream

Why not explore the possibilities to reclaim your health and happiness now?  We’re here to support you.

In response to COVID-19 many of our Practitioners are now offering services ONLINE including your Free Health Assessment.   


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