How to be Lazy and Successful

I hope your week has been enjoyable. What gorgeous weather we’ve had. Our caravan is still at the beach. I’m back in Melbourne for a couple of days to see clients, do some washing, see what’s in our letterbox, say hello to our pet tortoise, Squirtle, water my garden and then head back to Barwon Heads til Tuesday next week. I do love January.

The first week on holidays is usually pretty busy catching up with family and fellow campers. It then starts to settle down into a routine and I go into slow motion. It takes me all morning to have breakfast, take a shower and walk over the bridge into town for a coffee. I go into slow motion and seem to have all the time in the world. I’ve even been meditating for an hour a day. It’s heavenly.

I always set the intention to maintain the calmer pace once I’m back in Melbourne but of course it gradually slips back into busy mode. By the end of the year I feel like I’m doing well if I meditate for 10 minutes a day. Hopefully this year will be different.

I’m actually planning to do a 10 day silent retreat. I’ve heard varied reports about it but I’m curious to try it. One friend said that after the retreat she was so sensitive to energy. It was like she could read people’s minds because hers was so quiet. When I did a retreat to Brazil a few years ago part of the process was to spend 24 hours in our room in silence. We affectionately called it “Lock Down.” There was no phone, no music, no reading and no writing. Meals were delivered and all I did was sleep and meditate. I was in “Lock Down” twice during the two week retreat.

It sounds a bit like punishment but it was actually incredibly restful. During the first 24 hour session I felt like I was recovering from 30 years of being a mother. I didn’t have to do anything for anyone. I didn’t have to think about what anyone else wanted or how they were feeling. I felt totally off the hook. It was wonderful.

During the second week when I was in “Lock Down” I went into even deeper meditation and slept even more. I felt like I was healing from a thousand lifetimes. I found the time passed easily and to be honest I wasn’t in a hurry to get back to the real world. Doing nothing is so lovely.

Of course there are people who couldn’t imagine anything worse and their mind chatter would drive them nuts. Coming down from our adrenaline addiction can be as hard as coming off drugs. Once you go through the withdrawal symptoms though, and once you find that restful place within then you know you can be at peace anywhere. And finding that place of peace is worth gold.

Years ago I read a book called the Z-Type Guide to Success: A Lazy Person’s Manifesto to Wealth and Fulfillment by Marc Allen. The Z-Type is the opposite of the A-Type personality which is an action driven, high achiever. Z-Type is lazy and relaxed. Marc considers himself to be lazy and that’s the key to his success. Marc doesn’t do Mondays and he doesn’t do mornings. He relaxes totally guilt free and has discovered that he gets to a point where he is inspired and motivated and itching to take action. (I’m guessing he doesn’t have kids or a boss making demands on his time) Then when he takes action it’s done with a clear head, it done with motivation and enthusiasm and it’s much more productive.

The ideas that come from a quiet mind are inspired. They come from a place of higher wisdom. They may feel channelled or guided and they are usually right. I personally find that I my best ideas come to me in meditation or first thing in the morning as I’m waking up. I guess that’s when my mind is quiet enough for me to hear my inner guidance.

So what are the 10 great reasons to do nothing?
1. It gives the mental clutter (old stories, negative beliefs and stresses) time to come to the surface and clear
2. It overcomes the addiction to adrenaline
3. It gives you time to recover mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually
4. It slows down time
5. It calms and relaxes you
6. It creates deep inner peace
7. It clears the way for insights, inspiration, guidance and wisdom
8. It builds motivation and enthusiasm
9. It makes you more productive and effective when you take action
10. It help you access your psychic and intuitive gifts

According to Kyle Cease, creator of Evolving Out Loud, the best investment you can make in your life is to have quiet time. He says rent a cabin in the woods (he’s American) or sit on the couch for 2 weeks and quieten down. Observe your thoughts and feelings. Sit with them. Don’t numb them with alcohol or Facebook. Make peace with all aspects of yourself and life will be infinitely better.

There’s a famous quote that “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” ? Blaise Pascal. Sounds like a pretty good reason to learning to sit quietly in a room alone. I’m hoping that sitting quietly under the awning of my caravan might also do the trick. Or you might even like to consider coming along to our next Eat Pray Love Retreat in March.

Have a great week and remember we’re here to help.
Warm Regards,
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