New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! I hope that 2017 is happy, healthy and fulfilling for you and your loved ones. I am spending a lazy couple of weeks at Barwon Heads in our caravan so as I write this I can hear the surf in the background as the birds wake up.  It’s just gorgeous.

I always love this time of the year. It’s a fresh new start, full of potential. It’s a time to make our resolutions and set our intentions for the year ahead. I know for many people the idea of making New Year’s Resolutions has lost its appeal. I’ve heard a lot of people this say that they don’t make them anymore because they never keep them.

I find that really sad that people feel as if they have so little control over their lives that they have no choice and can’t change their behaviour. They keep doing what they’ve always done and expect different results. And of course that’s the definition of insanity.

I think one of the problems is that as children very few of us we’re taught how to change our behaviour. No-one taught us about breaking habits and creating a new ones. No-one explained to us how our mind works or how to set goals and intentions and how to stay focused until they were achieved.

That’s why so many people struggle to lose weight or quit smoking or keep exercising. We simply set the intention with the conscious part of our mind but we don’t know how to change things at a deeper, subconscious level.  And we don’t have anyone holding us accountable.

I believe that’s why so many people are turning to coaches and mentors to help them create and maintain change. I know I’m biased but I personally find Hypnotherapy the most powerful tool to help people create those changes like weight loss and quitting those bad habits.  Last year we had so many success stories it was fabulous.

But of course creating changes around your own health and self-care is one thing but today I want to talk to you about a much deeper change.  I had a client just before Christmas who said she realized that she’d been making the same New Year’s Resolution every year for the past 3 years and she still hadn’t achieved it. She was determined to make 2017 different. Her resolution was to be more connected to her spirituality. She said she had put her own spiritual growth on hold for a long time because she was so busy with work and children and day to day life.

This young woman was representative of so many of our clients. She was at the point in her life where she was enlightened enough to know that there is more to life than just the physical material things and the busyness but not yet able to really connect to the non-physical dimension of her heart and soul.  She was stuck in her head but was yearning to make to journey to her heart.

And like many of our clients she was also seeking to know her life purpose. I know it’s not the answer that most people want but I believe that for all of us our life purpose is simply to return to our true nature.

But what is our true nature and how do we align with it? Well, our true nature is pure love and light. It’s kindness and compassion and joy. Our life purpose is simply to bring more love and light into the world.  Of course the path to doing that varies for everyone.  Some of us have creative gifts that bring joy to others like music or art. Others have a calling to help animals or to care for plants. Some might be destined to help the sick or care for children or for the earth.  When you stop to think about it I’m sure you’ll find that there is a cause that you’re drawn to.  If you’re not sure then ask yourself, “What makes me most angry?”

The answer to that question will reveal your unique path to bring more love and light to the planet. If you’re angry about the way refugees are treated then you have a role in changing that. If you’re angry about corruption in politics then shining a light on that and taking action to change it is your task.  If you’re angry about deforestation then perhaps your path is to volunteer with an organisation that is saving the wilderness.

Why not make these kinds of things you New Years Resolutions?  Rather than focusing on what we want for ourselves one of the most powerful things you can do is take yourself into meditation and ask the question “How may I serve?”  How can you bring more love and light into the world?  What’s the unique thing that upsets you the most because that’s the thing that you’re here to change.

Once you’ve identified it then do you best to let go of the anger and focus on the solution. Whatever you do, do it with love and light. I love the way that Mother Teresa never fought against poverty and hunger but worked tirelessly to alleviate it. Tamsin Russell, one of our practitioners, went to visit a detention centre for refugees on Christmas day. She said it was a profound experience and she would encourage everyone to do it.

If you haven’t made your New Year’s Resolutions yet, I encourage you to do so. But do it from a much deeper place. As our gorgeous heart centred practitioner, Kara Kovacs, would ask, “What does your heart say?”  What will bring your heart more joy in 2017.  What’s your contribution to the planet?  What actions can you take to fulfill your purpose?

Do might just want to start with practicing random acts of kindness.  Explore what brings joy to your heart and to others. To help you along your way you might like to join our upcoming Hearts Desires 6 Week Meditation Course with Kara starting on Jan 19th.

And of course don’t forget we can help you resolve those problems closer to home like weight loss, smoking and other unwanted habits. That’s our calling!

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