Meditation or Medication?

I hope all is well in your world.  And I hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous weather. My hubby and I spent the weekend at Rye. It was just lovely. We did lots of Spring cleaning and gardening at our beach house, which was very satisfying. The previous weekend the whole family were down there including 3 (and a half) grandchildren so it was a little crazy!

I know I’ve been filling up your inbox lately with lots of workshops, courses and seminars and it’s a long time since I actually wrote a blog.  I’m inspired today because last night I watched a new show on SBS called “The Doctor Who Took Kids Off Drug” with Dr Chris van Tulleken (from Trust Me, I’m a Doctor).

His goal is to explore the alternatives to medication and reduce one billion prescriptions that are given by UK doctors every year. It was fabulous.

I was particularly impressed by the trail he did using mindfulness meditation for six children diagnosed with ADHD.  Over a six-week period, these kids, who were initially incredibly distracted, out of control and driving their parents (and teachers) nuts, learned to sit quietly and focus on their breathing for just 2 minutes.

They practiced each day together with a parent and the change in these kids was profound.

Two minutes doesn’t sound like long but for these kids it was an enormous achievement. And mastering the skill of self-control, even for that short time, had a huge ripple effect through their lives and their families.

Despite the fact that they were all on medication at the initial meditation session, these kids were literally climbing the walls.  When they were asked to sit still for 2 minutes there were headstands, uncontrollable giggles, running around the room and a pretty stressed meditation teacher! It was excruciating.

At the end of the six-week period these same children could sit still, quiet, eyes closed and settle themselves! They could also look someone in the eye and hold a conversation. At the end of the six weeks one mum took her son off medication for a day and he behaved like a normal kid!

All these children clearly felt so much calmer and happier within themselves and felt very relieved and proud to have the ability to control their impulses and to focus.

The behaviour that these kids exhibited at their first meditation class actually reminded me of what’s going on inside most people’s heads.  I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Monkey Mind.”   When you stop and actually observe your thoughts, you’ll soon realise that they jump around all over the place.

Most people, (especially those of us with a bit of a screen addiction), get easily distracted and have trouble holding our focus on one thing for more than 10 seconds. Our thoughts are often undisciplined, negative, self-critical and unwanted.

But what if you could train your thoughts like these children trained their behaviour?  What if you could get your thoughts to sit still and be quiet for 2 minutes? And what if you could then choose the thoughts that you do want?

New understanding of brain science confirms that our thoughts really do create our reality. This means that the ability to choose your thoughts has the potential to change your life in profound ways.

When you master the art of keeping your mind peaceful, positive, optimistic and focused, anxiety, depression, stress and even many health issues can magically dissolve away.  What if instead of reaching for a prescription pad, your doctor handed you a flyer for a meditation course? Now that could reverse our culture of mass medication.

I know that learning to meditate was probably the most life-changing thing for me.  I think it’s definitely worth investing 2 minutes a day (maybe even 20).  What do you think?

So…  if you want some help to tame that Monkey Mind you might like to check out our 5 week Mindfulness Meditation Course. You can BOOK ONLINE HERE if it appeals to you.

That’s all for now. I hope you have an awesome week.

Sending lots of love and light your way,

Warm Regards,
Alison Burton
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