What Does It Mean To Really Love Yourself?

Me again.  If you missed last week’s email about my take on the current situation on the planet here’s a LINK

The gist of it is that we currently have a remarkable opportunity to elevate our thoughts and emotions (and our vibration) to emerge from our cocoons, when the time comes, and create a better life and a better world. 

If you’ve been on the spiritual/self-development path for I while then I’m guessing that you’re probably doing OK.  You will already have some skills around choosing your thoughts and emotions. Being isolation will be giving you time to be still, meditate, read, write, create, be present and mindful. 

On a practical level it’s given me time to tidy up at home, clear the clutter and relax without feeling guilty. I’ve heard many parents, including my own kids say that they’re enjoying being less frantic with activities and are now able to just be present with their kids. 

Regardless of where you are on the journey, being in isolation can also bring all sorts of surprising patterns to the surface. Our relationship issues and internal struggles can be amplified.

One of my favourite spiritual teachers, Kyle Cease, talks about the fact that for many of us our perceived identities are being stripped away to reveal our true selves.  We are suddenly no longer a waitress or a flight attendant or a chef.  I’m no longer able to be a Nana or a Mum or a sister or a friend or the owner of a natural therapies clinic in the same way. 

And I can no longer distract myself with cruising a shopping centre, pampering myself with a foot massage or visiting my grandkids.  I’m cut off from my usual procrastination strategies so I have to face whatever I was avoiding doing. 

I guess this is a time when all our excuses go out the window and we’re confronted with ourselves and our relationship with those people who are in isolation with us.  It can be confronting and it can amplify all of our issues. 

I’ve actually had several clients recently who are finally facing up to the really big key issues in their lives. They can no longer use their old excuses of being too busy or having other priorities.

Whatever might arise for you its important to remember that this is the perfect time to explore and heal it. 

One of my favourite spiritual teachers is Matt Kahn.  Matt has written 3 books and the titles say it all.  “Whatever Arises Love That”, “Everything is Here to Help You” and “The Universe Always Has a Plan”. 

Matt’s advice on whatever issue or challenge arises is to identify the aspect of yourself that’s being triggered and hold loving space for it.  Instead of resisting or pushing any negative emotions away just acknowledge, allow and observe them. 

It can be helpful to visualize what that aspect of you looks like. Characterize it in some way. If it was a person in its own right or a cartoon character what would it look like. You might picture it as a scared 3 year old or as an angry monster or as an insecure teenager or an ugly, fat blob.

There are many different aspects to us that can be triggered in different situations.  Whatever you visualize, experiment with holding that “character” in a beautiful, big bubble of unconditional love. Imagine accepting and holding the angry monster, or the scared child etc.

Understand that every part of you is there for a reason. Surround it with light. Embrace it. Listen to its message. What does it want for you or need from you? Hold that loving space as long as is needed for something to soften, relax or change.

You might just be surprised by what happens when you do this.  I’d love your feedback. 

If you’d like some support with this technique you’re more than welcome to make an appointment. I’m currently available online via Zoom or in the clinic (if Online doesn’t suit you) for counselling and hypnotherapy sessions. You might also want to take a look at Matt’s books  

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Sending you (all aspects of you) lots of love and light and a virtual hug,

Warm Regards,
Alison Burton
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Alison Burton is an Occupational Therapist and one of Melbourne’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapists. She’s the owner of Simply Natural Therapies.

Alison is a sought after public speaker and has appeared on ABC National Radio, SBS Radio and is a regular guest on 3WBC Radio. She’s also featured in The Age, Herald Sun, Insight Magazine and local news media. Alison specialises in anxiety management and mind-body healing particularly in relation to Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other gut disorders.

Alison has a keen interest in all aspects of natural health and well-being, energy medicine, human consciousness and bringing more common sense and kindness to the planet. 

She has three adult children and 5 adorable grandchildren.

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