Slow Down and Connect to Yourself with Craniosacral Therapy

Slow Down and Connect to Yourself by Amanda Dickie, Craniosacral Therapist & Flower Essence Practitioner (working with Living Essences)

Winter is a time when we spiral within… a time for sitting by, resting, reading, rugging up and taking gentle walks, lighting candles, cooking soups and eating warming foods.

Our bodies inherently need this time to slow down and listen to what it’s telling us, however many of us push through and keep going, finding we eat poorly as we are on the run, our sleep is restless, and we feel fatigued and don’t know why.

Take steps to listen to your body, give yourself permission to slow down, put your feet up or soak in that warm bath and read a book or a magazine (get off the screen) and let your mind and body notice itself and notice the world around us!

I went for a walk today with my 8 month old puppy and noticed EVERYONE in the lovely gardens, walking around with devices in their hands and many of them looking at their screens! Great they are walking and outside in nature, but how important is connection?

How important is connection to ourselves and also to our surrounds and environment. Nature is a beautiful way to connect and feel and experience yourself and give yourself the time and space to slow down and breath out! and its free!

If you are struggling to find ways to slow down or connect with your self, come in for a session where we can look at settling your nervous system with some Craniosacral therapy, balancing your chakras via the esoteric acupuncture (no needles) or creating a flower remedy that is specifically for you and where you are at in your life right now.