How to Reclaim Your Joy

How has your week been? What a scorcher of a day yesterday. The cool change was such a relief. I’m writing this as I listen to the rain on the roof of the caravan. It’s lovely.

I’ve definitely had a roller coaster of a week and in particular on Friday.  Like many of us I was shocked and deeply saddened by what happened in the CBD in Melbourne.  I heard the news just after coming out of the movies. We had just seen Lion which is a heart wrenching true story about a five year old Indian boy who fell asleep on a train and ended up 1600 kilometres from his home.

When the movie ended I really had to struggle to stop myself from sobbing uncontrollably.  I could see many people in the audience doing the same.  Just prior to seeing the movie I had some news about one of my best friends who had been in Intensive Care for the past week with a mysterious condition. She finally had a diagnosis and was on the mend. I was so relieved I burst into tears. It’s a long time since I’ve cried so much in one day.

Our emotions aren’t always comfortable but even when they’re painful it’s infinitely better to allow them to be expressed than not feeling them at all.  I love Anthony Robbins comment that our emotions are the juice of life. The good and the bad. They show we’re human. If we don’t allow ourselves to feel the bad we discover that we can’t feel the good either. I’ve heard it said that emotions are Energy in Motion – E-Motion. It’s important to let that energy flow

When we make the shift from our head to our heart, as many of us are doing at this time, it can be painful. Your heart (and it’s energy field) holds your hurts. It holds all the unexpressed grief and loss and sadness that you might have tucked away.

When you block negative emotions, however, you use up positive energy which means you no longer have access to it.

I like the metaphor of holding a beach ball underwater.  If you have a traumatic experience that feels awful whenever you think about it your mind has some pretty clever defence mechanisms to protect you from feeling bad.

Sometimes you can forget the incident altogether at a conscious level and create post traumatic amnesia. Sometimes you just suppress it and avoid thinking about it. Sometimes you rationalise it and explain it away on an intellectual level, for example, “My mother neglected me because she wasn’t well.”  The adult part of you stops feeling bad but the inner child part of you deep down continues to feel hurt or insignificant or not good enough.

More often than not old memories and the negative emotions surrounding them are stored subconsciously in the heart.

Imagine that the beach ball represents the story (my mother neglected me, for example) and the air inside it represents the negative emotion (I feel insignificant).  It keeps trying to come up to the surface and into consciousness to be expressed but because we need to get on with our day we push it down.  In order to hold it at bay we use an equal and opposite amount of positive energy to keep that beach ball from popping up and interfering with our life.

The trouble is when we’ve had a lot of trauma or negative experiences we can tie up a lot of positive energy. Sometimes there is none left to feel joy or motivation or enthusiasm. And sometimes there is none left to heal a physical issue in our body. We go into a sort of energy debt. We can simply exhaust the supply. Our batteries go flat.

I’ve worked with a lot of clients over the years who say they feel numb and exhausted. They live their lives like robots and feel detached from the world. They feel disconnected from friends and family and colleagues.  Nothing gives them joy.  These clients are often diagnosed with depression and prescribed anti-depressants.  Unfortunately that can numb them even further.

So how do you heal those negative emotions and release that positive energy?  There are actually a number of techniques to heal old stories and clear negative emotions.  Here are three of my favourites:

One of my favourites is Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. As bizarre as it sounds this technique involves allowing yourself to feel the negative emotion while you tap on a series of acupressure points.  What this does is safely and surprisingly comfortably release the air from the beach ball. Once that’s done the story no longer creates a negative emotion in the body. You can find more about this technique here: Emotional Freedom Technique

This uses muscle testing to access information directly from the subconscious and the body.  It can uncover even the most deep seated negative emotions and clear them in a variety of ways.  A Kinesiologist might use essential oils or essences, sound, colour or energy healing to clear those uncomfortable emotions from your energy field. (I have a Kinesiology session every 3 weeks or so to keep me sane)

Our 6 session Depression Program uses a powerful combination of counselling, Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy to systematically process and clear negative emotions like anger, fear, sadness, guilt etc. This program has been having remarkable results with people often say they feel lighter and clearer after this program. They feel as if they’ve cleared years of emotional baggage.  Learn more HERE and call us to make a appointment.

With all these three techniques the ultimate aim is to be able to clear rather than suppress the negative emotions so you can think about your old stories with being traumatised.  The positive energy that was holding them down is then released so its accessible to you to enjoy and fully engage in life.

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