The End of Complacency

Well I’ve had another gorgeous week at the beach. I think I could get used to this. I’ve been coming back to see clients on Tuesday and Wednesday through January but we’re packing up the caravan this Friday and coming back for good. Well, until next summer anyway.

This year my husband Harry is retiring so my mission is to ease my way out of needing to spend too much time at work so we’re free to travel and enjoy the grandkids.  As part of that process I’m very excited to tell you that we have two new practitioners coming on board and some current practitioners that want to take on more days at the clinic. 
Next month we have an Acupuncturist who specialises in fertility starting as well as a Life Coach who works mainly with teens and VCE students.  I’ll introduce them in more detail in a separate email soon. But you can call is to make an appointment.  Mary Manganoour Life Coach is offering Free 15 Minute sessions for parents of teens this Thursday morning.  If you would like to meet her and discuss how she can help please call us on 9842 7033

Being at the beach without internet connection means I’ve had to be a little careful about the data usage on my phone but I’ve found it hard not to watch some of the videos about Donald Trump.  Wow is that man triggering some shifts on the planet!  And in one week he’s created so many disturbing things.  Did you see the video on The Project about Trump’s first week on office?  It’s staggering.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH

One of the concerning things he’s done of course was the sudden immigration ban on people from seven Muslim –majority nations leaving people stranded at airports and in detention in the US. This threw airports into chaos and traumatised hundreds.  I was relieved to see that part of his ruling was overturned as illegal and unconstitutional.  We’re yet to see if other decisions can be reversed.  One of the things his actions have done, because they are so inhumane and irresponsible, is mobilise people who are compassionate and enlightened.  It’s waking people up.

Of course the question is what do we do once were awake?  I’ve been following James O’Dea, Author and Peace Activist for a few years now and here’s what he has to say about the role of Donald Trump in the world today.
“The death of complacency…the birth of conscious activism
What does it mean to be complacent? Well, you know it will all turn out fine. Let’s not get all hot and bothered: a wrinkle here a wrinkle there doth not the great unravelling make. Right?
Wrong. Dead wrong. On a day when refugees from majority Muslim countries who had visas and undergone full screening were taken off planes and detained at airports we can’t be complacent. Christians were not affected by the ban.

No more shrugs about cutting funding for climate change research; deportations, refugee bans, reviving fossil fuels, supporting torture, coddling dictators etc. If you have been shaken from complacency frenzy is not the answer.
Have a little burial ceremony for our collective complacency then celebrate the birth of truly conscious, visionary and inspired activism.”

James O’Dea is an author of the Conscious Activist

Trump is triggering an awakening in us that is sorely needed on the planet.  It’s shaking us out of our complacency and creating anger and fear.  So if we are compassionate and enlightened beings what do we do with that anger and fear?

I want to talk about both those reactions separately.  To start with let me talk about anger.  A lot of people who consider themselves to be enlightened, pride themselves on not getting angry.  They avoid conflict and equate anger with losing your temper.  Well, I want to tell you that anger is not a bad thing.  Anger is the energy that you need to change the things that are unjust. We need the energy of anger to mobilise us…. to get us to sign a petition or attend a rally or write an email. If we didn’t get angry about child abuse, for example, we would never do anything to protect a child.  Losing your temper of course is a different matter and when we act in a temper what we say and do will probably be destructive.

Fear on the other hand immobilises us and leaves us feeling helpless. We don’t believe there is anything we can do to create change other than withdraw.  Fear takes us into victim mode. It’s not helpful and of course when you focus on all the things you’re afraid of you’ll find plenty and it can be debilitating.

So to shift your focus to conscious activism I think of people like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa. These people were angry about the status quo and they directed that anger, without fear or violence (on their part) to create remarkable changes.

They took action. They spoke of a vision of making things better. They held that vision and focused on what they wanted not what they didn’t want. I’m sure you’ve heard the story of Mother Theresa refusing to go to an anti-war rally. She said she would not fight against anything but if you invite her to a Rally for Peace she would be there happily.

So let’s focus on the world we DO want. Maybe it’s time to really take back our power and not rely on the Government to take care of us or take care of the environment. Maybe we have to do it for ourselves.

Perhaps it’s time to vote with your wallet and divest of all banks and companies that support Trumps agenda. Perhaps this is a great time to think and act local and support others in your community. Maybe Trumps actions are a catalyst to inspire people to create independent, enlightened communities that live off the grid. At the very least we can switch to green energy.

I have a feeling that if I lived in the US and had employees I’d be sorely tempted to stop paying taxes since Trump is clearly spending the money on things I can’t possible condone. Trump’s first week in office is a huge call to action not only if you live in the States but globally. If a democratic system can give one man the power to implement radical changes that are totally unacceptable to so many, perhaps it’s time to rethink our entire political system.  After all there are many prophecies that say the our current systems need to break down before we can create a truly enlightened way of being on the planet.  There’s even a prophesy that says that the 44th President will be the last.

So i’ll get off my soapbox now.  Have a great week.

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Warm Regards,

Warm Regards,
Alison Burton
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