February’s Astrology Forecast from Juliet Gauci

juliet1Change is here!  February is eclipse time!  Issues will come to a head.

On February 10th, there was a Full Moon Lunar eclipse with the Sun in Aquarius and the moon in the sign of Leo.  The chart at that exact time was doing extraordinary things that would take a little too much time and space here!
First of all I just want to quickly explain eclipses.  A Solar eclipse is when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth temporarily blocking our view of the sun.  During a Lunar eclipse, the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon, preventing it from reflecting the Sun’s light.  So always at this time, there is something that the unconscious self wants to bring to the surface for us to examine.  The theme being Shadow!

As the first eclipse was Aquarius/Leo it stirred up the whole underlying issues of instability on a global front.  We have Donald Trump so brilliantly expressing Leo in all its shadow forms of the Narcissist.
Leo in shadow form is where a person has no sense of “centredness” through wounding, and there exists a black hole which is a vortex that takes in the life force of another to serve themselves. ( There are many talented practitioners  who can help if you have been caught up in the trap of being in close proximity of a Narcissist!)
Other forms are lack of confidence, giving your power away in different ways, needing approval to be worthy.  Basically unresolved issues usually stemming from childhood.
It all sounds so dark I hear you say.  But there is light.  the light is us!  With the Aquarian energies, we are being called as a collective to unite and stand in respect and true power in all our individuality to create a better world.  This eclipse is a reminder that we are all in it together and to shine in our authentic selves.

Now for the next eclipse…
This eclipse will happen on Monday 27th Feb and the moon will be in Pisces.  It is a emotional moon.  SO feelings of sensitivity will be heightened at this time.  If you have Pisces or Neptune dominant in your chart this ecplise will be intensified for you.
As a collective, we all intuitively feel that the ground beneath us is unsteady, we are in midst of great changes.  There is uncertainty.  Whether that is reflected with job changes or instability, relationship breakups, physical illness or just feeling a generalised sense of unease.
The one thing that is certain is change!
Throughout February, issues will be bought to the surface to be released and transformed .  Sometimes there needs to be upheaval in order to create change.  It can be messy and unpredictable, you may resist it, but it will lead to a place of greater fulfillment if you surrender.
With the influence of Pisces Moon, and Pisces Sun and both Mars and Venus dancing together in Aries, the new energies are here!  Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac and can represent endings, and that is certainly what I feel is happening.
What in your life needs to end in order for something new to be reborn?  With passionate Venus and Mars action needs to be taken rather than thinking about it!
Despite the shadows, there is also magic in the air.  Pisces is the mystic Archetype, and works directly with spirit.  What is your vision for the collective.  How can you confidently step into this role?
This is the time, where we surrender fully to the processes of life and to watch curiously where they lead us to.

Suggestions for this time…
Really journal your heart out with what needs to be transformed and let go.
On either Sunday 26th or Monday 27th, there is Magic in the air.  Make use of it!
Divine connection is all around.

  • Write down your dreams from that space.  Really feel them.  Bless them and see them coming to fruition.
  • Welcome the new energies that are coming whether you are conscious of them or not.
  • Write how you can contribute to the whole with your unique gifts and talents.
  • Be of service.  Help others with Random acts of Kindness to others and also yourself!
  • Meditate.
  • Move your body through Yoga, Dance or walking in nature to bring balance.
  • Connect with the Earth, as this time is a little crazy.
  • If there is unresolved shadows or emotions that are ready to be released, reach out and work with someone so you can move through it with support.
  • Above all…be kind and gentle with yourself.  Nurture yourself.  You are beautiful.

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