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Well, today is the last day of summer.  I’m not quite ready for it to end.  But of course if I take my own advice I know that I need to accept what IS. In fact the Buddhists say the cause of all suffering is to resist what is. I guess that includes resisting the weather.

So I’ll just go with the flow, but I will ask the weather angels for a bit more warm weather before winter sets in and hope for the best.

Today I want to talk to you about acupuncture.  Many years ago I was working in a hospital and we had a staff training session given by a doctor who practised acupuncture. This doctor was a very rare breed back in the late 1970s. He had studied in China and he was using acupuncture with his patients and getting great results.

I remember him saying he was bewildered by how and why acupuncture worked but it did. He said he had found time and time again that when he put an acupuncture needle into someone’s big toe their headache disappeared.

There is still nothing in the current Western understanding of anatomy and physiology that explains how this is possible.  According to Western science is no logical, rational explanation for why a fine needle inserted into a particular point in the foot can reduce pain in the head.  The thing is, however, that acupuncture does work. This indicates that there is a missing piece of the puzzle in Western medicine.

That missing piece is the understanding of the Chi energy that flows through our bodies.  This invisible energy is our life force.  It flows through channels called meridians and Eastern medicine has understood and worked with this energy system for the past 5000 years.

These meridians conduct the Life Force, Qi or Chi energy in and around all the parts of the body. Blockages or interference in these meridian pathways can result in energetic imbalances that may contribute to negative health conditions.

The main goal of acupuncture is to restore energetic balance and proper energy flow to these meridians, allowing the body to function normally and return to health.

I must say I’m a big fan of acupuncture ever since I heard that doctor speak.  A few years ago I broke my collar bone. I fell off my motor bike while I was going for my licence (very embarrassing!)  Two days after the accident I had acupuncture.  I was amazed by the results.  After the session I had absolutely no pain and the swelling and bruising reduced very quickly.

Obviously I’m not alone in thinking acupuncture is effective. In the past 10 years the number of acupuncturists and the number of clients using their services as doubled in Australia.

And technology is starting to catch up with this ancient technique.  A couple of weeks ago I had an acupuncture session with Heidi, our new Acupuncturist. She used something called an Acugraph to analyse and document the energetic status of my meridians.

This assessment consists of an electronic probe a little like a pen attached to her computer. She simply touched the probe to specific acupuncture points on my hands and feet. The computer then displayed a graph showing the health of each of my meridians.  It was intriguing and it meant Heidi had a clear picture of which meridians where blocked and could accurately target her treatment.

I was also fascinated to come across this information recently. “In 1991, a study was done in Novosibirsk, Russia that applied directly to the study of acupuncture. Researchers shined

“In 1991, a study was done in Novosibirsk, Russia that applied directly to the study of acupuncture. Researchers shined light on various parts of the body and found that light travelled under the skin to other acupuncture points, but it didn’t travel to places that were not on acupuncture meridians.

It appears that the body contains a sort of fibre optic network—where light enters an acupuncture point, travels through the meridian and can be detected at other places along the meridian with a sensitive photon detector. This is a fascinating study showing how light is actually received, used and transmitted throughout the body.”

The latest theory is that Chi energy actually consists of something enlightened scientists call biophotons. The flow and behaviour of biophotons is beginning to explain not only how information can travel virtually instantly from one part of the body to another (eg. from the big toe to the head) but how living organisms, including plants, communicate with each other.

As much as I love simple, natural therapies I also love it when science and ancient wisdom come together.

If you’re interested finding out more about the state of your health Heidi is offering a 15 minute Acugraph assessment next Monday March 6th for just $15.  Call us to book.  9842 7033

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