Acupuncture for Children???

Shonishin – Holistic Treatment for Infants and Children by Heidi Yuen, Registered Acupuncturist and Certified Shonishin practitioner Shonishin (from Japanese shoni = little child, shin = needling) is a non-invasive method of acupuncture, which was developed in Japan for paediatric treatment around 100 years ago. Instead of traditional acupuncture needles, a special tool is used for rubbing and Read More

Is Your Inner Child Holding You Back?

How are you coping with this chilly weather?  You certainly need to rug up in Melbourne at the moment.  We’ve had the heaters, electric blankets, towel warmers and the sauna running hot at Simply Natural over the past week. Nothing like a sauna and a cosy massage on a cold day. And this week we’ve Read More

When Your Brain Stops Talking

I hope you’ve had a relaxing Easter and you were able to spend some time with family or friends.  Harry and I had a couple of nights with friends who have a property up at Eildon. It was so lovely to take a break and commune with nature. Yesterday I spent a fair chunk of Read More

Acupuncture for Period Pain

  Period pain a common problem associated with menstruation, affecting 50% of women and 90% of adolescent girls. Contrary to general belief, Traditional Chinese Medicine understands that period pain is NOT a natural part of menstruation. Period pain is generally localised in the lower abdomen and pelvic region, but the discomfort can be extended to lower back, Read More

Is Menopause Dragging You Down?

Leading scientific research has proven that resetting your hormones can lead to reduced menopausal symptoms promoting weight loss, more energy, more control of emotions and better sleep, to name a few. Our new 21-day program is aimed at helping you reset your 7 major metabolic hormones.  The program involves targeting each hormone, one by one, Read More