Is Menopause Dragging You Down?

Leading scientific research has proven that resetting your hormones can lead to reduced menopausal symptoms promoting weight loss, more energy, more control of emotions and better sleep, to name a few.

Our new 21-day program is aimed at helping you reset your 7 major metabolic hormones.  The program involves targeting each hormone, one by one, by eliminating particular foods from your diet in 3-day bursts.

Resetting your hormones through your diet helps to restore balance to your body, eliminating the issues of why you haven’t been able to lose weight and feel balanced in the past. When your hormones are in good working order, you can totally transform your body from the inside out.  Hormones go through severe changes during the Perimenopausal and Menopausal years, therefore, this program is extremely beneficial during this time in a women’s life.

The program includes hypnotherapy to help you make these changes with ease, without feeling as though it’s a continuous battle.

After resetting your hormones many changes may occur, You can actually fix your ‘broken’ metabolism and lose that stubborn weight. But more importantly, you will take the crucial steps you need to feel at home in your body again. You will break the relentless cycle of stress, hormonal imbalance and weight gain. You won’t be constantly bloated, frustrated or deprived of energy and sleep.

Comment from a very happy client…..

“I am feeling absolutely fantastic. So glad I made that initial phone call to you and decided to go ahead prior to the Christmas break.   Surprisingly I found it really easy to do the reset over the holidays.   I am still off the coffee and haven’t had any alcohol since we started….OMG, everyone is in shock…ha ha ( & zero Maltesers ).   I think it’s definitely the hypnosis, I usually have absolutely zero willpower!!!   Feeling really fantastic and feeling a lot lighter, a lot less bloated etc and not having any junk to spoil all the positive work!!!”

Begin to change how you look and feel in 4 weeks.  Why wait?  Don’t punish yourself any longer, call us on 9842 7033, you’ve got nothing to lose except unwanted weight and negative feelings.  Love who you truly are, again!

About the Author

Manuela is a Wellness Coach, Counsellor, Nutritionist and Clinical Hypnotherapist with 15 years experience as a health practitioner.

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