Natural Health Expo

Celebrating our 10th Birthday this Saturday We are very excited to have Belinda and the Team from Enlightenment Photographics taking Aura Photos and giving readings. We will also have Shop Discounts, Music, Bubbly, Free Talks and you can meet our … Read More

Meet Two New Practitioners

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend.  My husband and I made the most of the sunshine and had lunch yesterday in Warrandyte and explored the gorgeous Warrenglen Nursery.  It was lovely.  I also spent some time at Simply Natural … Read More

Ease Pain Naturally

It seems like more than a week ago since I wrote the last Enews.  I have had a really full week and it feels like I could do with an extra 6 hours in a day and an extra day in my week to keep … Read More

Period Pain… How Can A Naturopath Help?

By Amelia Batchelor Period pain can largely be attributed to nutritional deficiencies, which are common amongst young menstruating women, particularly teenagers. Period pain is also linked to imbalances of the female reproductive hormones. In our modern world hormonal imbalances are … Read More

Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Acupuncture for pain relief makes sense. Our energy channels or meridians lie within our connective tissue. With issues such as physical pain, either chronic or acute, these meridians are blocked. Qi or life force that pushes and drives our blood … Read More

Online Webcast – 9pm on Thursday

This month our focus is about “Easing Pain Naturally”.  Whether pain is chronic or acute, and whether it’s caused by an injury, illness or emotion, there are many safe and natural approaches to help manage, eliminate or reduce it.

Solutions For Stress

This Month’s focus has been on Mums. Whether you are a Mum, have a mum or know a mum I hope you have found it interesting and helpful in some way. This topic has inspired our Practitioners to offer a … Read More

Taking Time Out

I hope you have had a great week. Winter seems to have descended upon us and I am soooo grateful for ducted heating, warm coats and umbrellas! I know quite a few people who have been suffering from colds and … Read More

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