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This month our focus is about “Easing Pain Naturally”.  Whether pain is chronic or acute, and whether it’s caused by an injury, illness or emotion, there are many safe and natural approaches to help manage, eliminate or reduce it.

This is so exciting!  I am thrilled to bits to be co-presenting an Online Webcast. This event is relevent to anyone who lives in a body. If you experience pain as a result of inflammation in your body then you definitely won’t want to miss this information on a new breakthough nutritional product. This product has the potential to have a massive impact on reducing pain and inflammation. This Live Webcast will be presented by myself and Michael Firth. Michael sits on the Australian Field Advisory Board of a leading health and nutritional company.

I would love you to join us to learn about the science of reducing inflammation, detoxing your body and protecting your cells. You just need to be in front of your computer at 9pm on Thursday evening this week. You can stay warm and cosy in your own home and learn the secrets to better health, less pain and increased energy. How good is that?
Places are limited so please be quick to register.  To reserve your place and get an SMS reminder CLICK HERE now. Join us at 8.50pm for a 9pm start on Thursday June 6th.

Acupuncture for Injuries
A few years ago I broke my collar bone. As you can imagine, it really hurt. Two days after the accident (I had fallen off my motor bike) I had an acupuncture session. As I was getting undressed before the session I was carefully nursing my arm, taking it out of the sling very gingerly and I was in a lot of pain. During the session the Acupuncturist put several very fine needles into my shoulder and area surrounding the broken bone.  She also put needles into the muscle between my thumb and the first finger on both hands. These are points for reducing pain. Acupuncture needles are about the thickness of a human hair. They are really very fine and normally you hardly feel them. The needle in my right hand was a different story though. It was the right collar bone that was broken and the sensation in my right hand was like an intense ache while the left hand was perfectly comfortable. After the session as I was getting dressed I discovered that the pain had totally gone from my injury! I could get dressed again easily and the swelling around my shoulder had reduced considerably. I was amazed. I happily had regular acupuncture while I was recovering and I healed surprisingly quickly. I even got back on the motor bike. If you would like to try Acupuncture for easing pain please call us for an appointment on 9842 7033.

The Chi energy that acupuncture stimulates, plays a key role in pain. A disruption in the energy flow through the body for any reason can create pain. The energy flow might be disrupted because of an injury, as it was with me, or it may be disrupted by emotional trauma or stress. Next week I will tell you about an acupressure technique that can work magic in clearing emotional pain or distress.

Headaches and Migraine
If you have anyone or anything in your life that is “a pain the neck” you will probably be holding chronic tension in your neck and shoulders. That tension can lead to pain, often in the form of headaches. According to a biofeedback expert the muscle tension in the neck and shoulders of migraine sufferers is often almost 4 times higher than that of other people. Frequent headaches and chronic back pain often respond surprisingly well to Remedial Massage. Undoing the knots and retraining muscles to relax can allow the chi energy to flow normally. All of our Remedial Massage Theapists are trained in Reiki or energy healing so they incorporate this in their work.

We are currently developing a 10 week program for migraine sufferers, which includes regular head, neck and shoulder massage, relaxation training and nutritional support. If you would like to be part of our trial commencing in mid July please email us at

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By the way….Congratulations all the mums who have been inspired by last month’s emails to book in for a massage and recharge their batteries. I think we have started a trend!

Til next week I hope you stay pain-free, happy and healthy,
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