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This Month’s focus has been on Mums. Whether you are a Mum, have a mum or know a mum I hope you have found it interesting and helpful in some way. This topic has inspired our Practitioners to offer a wealth of tips and techniques to support parents. Our Acupuncturist, Anne-Maree Hone and our Hypnotherapist, Manuela Picinich are both mums, as are most of our practitioners. Their children are now adults but they remember the stress and challenges as well as the joys of parenting young children. My new grandson is just 6 months old. Watching my daughter Michelle learn to be a mum has brought back a flood of memories for me. It really is a big job to care for a small child, and taking care of your own health can be forgotten when it’s hard to find time to take a shower! So during May we are honouring Mums and we aim to support mums to explore simple, natural solutions to the health, wellbeing and parenting issues.

Take a look at these articles…….

“Children and
Behaviour” by Manuela Picinich

At the age of 3 my youngest daughter was labelled with ADHD. Doctors were not very helpful toward my daughter or us as parents and medication seemed the only way. My gut instinct told me we could do something different rather than give her meds. I found a wonderful nutritionist who helped us work wonders with our “destructive” 3 year old. Nutrition was the key to settling her tantrums and increasing concentration… Read more

“Help for Busy
Mums” by Anne-Maree Hone

When we become mothers we go through a one-way door. Life changing! By the time  more children come along you find yourself in the fast lane and its 24/7! I have brought up 6 children and some days I’d feel like I’d been run over by a  truck! Getting pulled in all directions feels exhausting as your energetic boundaries are being invaded left, right and centre. This is literally what imbalance and getting out of alignment means… Read more

Dr Sarah Arkell is our Acupuncturist specialising in fertility. She supports her clients throughout the whole journey from conception to after the birth.

Dr Sarah says, “New  mums are often in a state of adjustment, lacking sleep and over anxious about doing the “right thing”. It’s common knowledge that the biggest issue is sleep! Oh how you wish for a baby that would sleep through the night! My experience as a Doctor of Acupuncture has seen me deal with a lot of mums who are frazzled and sleep deprived. They wonder why bubby is so restless or fractious. If mum is stressed it stands to reason that the baby will also be unsettled. I’ve seen lots of new mums for this very reason and have seen amazing transformation in not only mum, but also in bub. Acupuncture is a wonderful way to find some “time out” and promote a relaxed mum which in turn helps her baby to also be relaxed.”

Now don’t worry, we don’t do acupuncture on babies but, as I’ve talked about before, a baby is immersed in mum’s energy field. They intuitively respond to the calmness (or anxiety) that mums are experiencing.

Another technique that has created miracles in many families is SleepTalk for Children. This is a way of talking to your sleeping child that repairs, builds and protects their self-esteem. Next Month I am conducting a seminar to teach SleepTalk to parents.

Next Month’s focus is on Simply Natural Solutions to pain.

Til next week I hope you stay stress-free, happy and healthy,

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