Taking Time Out

I hope you have had a great week. Winter seems to have descended upon us and I am soooo grateful for ducted heating, warm coats and umbrellas! I know quite a few people who have been suffering from colds and flu recently and I can highly recommend that you keep some essential oils like tea tree, eucalyptus and lemongrass burning in your home or office. When you use good quality, pure essential oils they really do have medicinal effects.

Our theme this month is Mothers. Taking care of children is an enormous task and it’s so important to take care of yourself so that you have the physical and emotional energy to nurture your children both physically and emotionally. Most mums make it a priority to ensure that their children are washed and fed and get enough sleep. They will take them to a Doctor or Naturopath if they are unwell. If a child scrapes their knee, or bumps their head, mums (and dads of course) will be there with a Band-Aid and a hug. Even when mums are feeling depleted then kids are usually still taken care of on that physical level. What can be harder to do when you are stressed and tired is to take care of your child emotionally.

Earlier this month was Mothers’ Day. This is a day when the role of mums is acknowledged. It’s a time when mums are taken care of. Perhaps you are given breakfast in bed or taken out for lunch. A special gift can be a way to say thank you for everything you have done. Being spoilt for a day is fabulous. I really like Mothers’ Day. It’s important to remember, however, that you actually need nurturing much more often than once a year. If you only recharged your mobile phone or put fuel in your car once a year how long do you think they would keep going? Did you know that the same principle applies to people? If you are a parent of young children it’s essential to take care of yourself. You need to nourish your body well, exercise it, rest it and take time to recharge your batteries.

When a baby is born it’s a relentless task to care for that child. It can quickly become a habit to put your own needs aside and do what you have to do for your baby. That maternal instinct kicks in and you give your time and energy to your baby. As mums we usually do this willingly but we can become stuck in the pattern of putting our own wellbeing last. I once heard this referred to as “the burnt chop syndrome.” A mum will make sacrifices and serve herself the burnt chop or go without to give her children and partner the best she can.

Many mums feel guilty when they take time out for themselves. The truth is, that unless you nurture yourself regularly your batteries will go flat and your ability to be a good parent is at risk. When you are in constant demand and feeling exhausted it’s easy to lose patience and resent your child. Taking time out can make a huge difference. Even if it’s just 20 minutes a day to sit and have a coffee or herbal tea and read the paper, soak in the bath or take a walk around the block, it can save your sanity and benefit your child enormously.

Add in an hour a week to attend a yoga class, go for a swim, have a massage or a piano lesson (whatever takes your fancy) and you will be surprised how much happier you feel and how much easier it is to be a great mum. If child care is a problem then find a friend in the same situation and take turns watching each other’s children. I believe it takes a village to raise a child, so you might just need to find your support network and create a “village” that will nurture both you and your child.

If you find it challenging to take time for yourself our Life Coach, Maria Ganis, is a guru in helping you to set your boundaries, find your voice and manage your time. Her skill and wisdom is exceptional. If you could benefit from more assertiveness, confidence and feeling in control of your life then call us now to book a session with Maria on 9842 7033,

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