Values by Debbie Rossi

Last week I had an opportunity to stop and reflect on what my core values are. The values that I live my life by as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, as a Kinesiologist and most importantly the values I live my life by for me!

Even though I have vaguely always known what my values are, I have never actually concreted them in. I found this process to be very empowering and an experience I wanted to share with you all and encourage you to do the same.

In the dictionary the meaning of the word “values” is the moral principles and beliefs or accepted standards of a person or social group, it is relative worth, merit, importance or a desirable quality.

My values are Respect, Tolerance and Honesty. Respect because I believe you should treat others as you want to be treated yourself. Tolerance is for accepting others as they are without judgement. Honesty is about being truthful and transparent. These values are not something that are new to me, as I have always lived my life by these values, it is just that I have defined them in my life and bought them into my conscious everyday thought.

In my kinesiology practice I have found that by losing touch with your core values will make a huge impact in your life. Your values will help in your decision making process and give you a guideline for your true direction in life. When you actually define your values it can help in all areas of your life, whether it is a social situation, an issue with your children or even the way you treat yourself.  So I challenge you today to pin-point your values and consciously bring them into your everyday life! It will be fantastic to see a few of you post your values in the comment section..

What are your values???

Have fun with it, and start living by your values which will allow you to have a clearer and more centred sense of yourself. And remember that our children indirectly learn and pick up on our values and by taking the time out to define them we will be able to ultimately help our children with their values.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.