Random Acts of Kindness

Article by Cecilia Relph, Reiki Master and Holistic Counsellor Performing Random Acts of Kindness is a passion that I have held since my earliest memories. I think I was about 4 years of age when I first realised that doing … Read More

The Vaccination Question

Article published in Your Child Magazine By Alison Burton I received an email recently inviting me to a seminar on vaccinations. I was curious to find out more so I signed up. Unfortunately the seminar didn’t go ahead but it … Read More

Cancer and Hypnosis

Article by Steven Bloore, Certified Hypnotherapist Hypnosis Motivation Institute 2007 October 19, Friday Imagine yourself in a quiet, secure setting with someone you have learned to trust. You are focused on your breathing, allowing your body to experience a deep … Read More

VCE Girls Can Beat The Stress

Article Published in Manningham Leader 8th May 2012 A NEW course has been developed to help strung-out girls stress less in VCE. Alison Burton, owner of Simply Natural Therapies in Doncaster East, will run an eight-week course teaching strategies for … Read More

The Power of Hypnosis

Article by Manuela Picinich One of our Hypnotherpist, Manuela Picinich has recently been to Brisbane and to Auckland, and has some amazing experiences with clients while she was away. Here is her story.. I have recently returned from Brisbane where … Read More

Reiki for the First Time

Article by Alison Burton My introduction to energy healing came when I was studying Hypnotherapy. I had a pain in my side a little like a stitch and I said, somewhat tongue in cheek, to a couple of classmates, “OK … Read More

Alison on Drugs

Article by Alison Burton My husband and I traveled together before we were married. We spent two amazing years back-packing around the world. We loved Asia and found India particularly fascinating. It’s a land of such contrasts. The exquisite beauty … Read More

Simply Natural Weight Loss

Article by Alison Burton Following the festive season it’s not unusual to hop on the scales and get a bit of a surprise. While I’m camping we have ritual of pre-dinner drinks at 5.30ish and lots of nibbles. We will … Read More

11.11.11 Meditation

By Alison Burton Creating a better world one person at a time. At 11am on this date we held a very special meditation in our classroom space above the shop. We were joined by around 25 people and we sat … Read More

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