The Power of Hypnosis

Article by Manuela Picinich

One of our Hypnotherpist, Manuela Picinich has recently been to Brisbane and to Auckland, and has some amazing experiences with clients while she was away.
Here is her story..

I have recently returned from Brisbane where I spent 4 days with a very close friend, Jo aged 54, fighting cancer for the last 9 yrs. I was taken aback at her condition and how ill she looked. She had just been diagnosed as palliative. After sessions of hypnotherapy releasing childhood trauma, focusing on deep visualisation and imagery, crystal healing, reiki and lymphatic drainage massage I left feeling so rewarded as she had improved immensely. Her husband commented on how much better she looked, better than she had in a very long time. She too said she felt so much better and had finally managed to have some decent sleeps at night, something she had been deprived of. Her children said she was definitely feeling better as her bossy spirit had returned. I will return to Brisbane to continue my healing with Jo as I believe miracles can and do happen!

Jo writes…..

My highly esteemed therapist!

Well where to start. I can only say that from my first experience with Manuela doing treatment on me for 4 days in a row (as a hypnotherapist), when I was in very very poor health that this brought me back to life. We started the first day with some hypnotherapy which culminated in me sleeping a lot and feeling so rejuenivated once waking. I can say that I was in a state of utter euphoria and that Manuela’s voice was so beautiful and so relaxing that I stayed in this relaxed state for some time. We worked each day for many hours, I couldn’t quite understand how Manuela sat and continued to talk to me and relax me for many hours on end. We also did some lymphatic drainage massage on my legs as they too are very swollen with fluid (a combination of protein and albumin) from the fact that my body is breaking down. Sheer relief from the pressure and build up.

Manuela wrote down positive affirmations for me to read through daily, so that I can continue to reinforce the positive and not the negative side of this disease. I continue to visualise cancer being broken up and transported out of my body as she intends for me to do. I am hoping to organise travel from Melbourne to Brisbane regularly to have many more sessions with her.

I am home now, permanently whilst I get better and recover some more. I promise to keep going each day with meditation and healing and trying to remember all that you have told me. I am referring to your notes and reread your inspirational letter daily. YOU really don’t know how much your coming up here did for me and I so sosososososososo appreciate it.

I would recommend Manuela’s beautiful healing treatments to anyone in need.

– Jo D, Brisbane, QLD

Onto Auckland to an extremely anxious 28 year old, Stef, who had just been given a prescription for antidepressants. After spending 5 days with her doing sessions of hypnotherapy releasing past hurt and sadness, building confidence and self esteem, using colour therapy, vibrational sprays and doing lots of EFT (emotional freedom technique), she returned to work feeling much more in control and confident and focusing on the future rather than the past. She felt stronger than she had felt in months. Again I feel so confident that the modalities I work with are invaluable in so many different types of situations and issues.

Stef writes…..

I saw Manuela feeling completely broken. With the stress of a demanding job, moving countries and health issues, I found myself in a very depressed state with no confidence and a sense of hopelessness with my situation. She took the time to listen and understand exactly how I felt before taking me through two hypnotherapy sessions. Both of these focussed on giving me the strength I needed to believe in myself again, to stop worrying and lessen the anxiety I was feeling each day. She also taught me how to use the EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) as a daily tool to use when things became overwhelming. Between the uplifting affirmations I know have been imbedded into my subconscious (they seem to pop into my conscious mind just as I need them!) and the positive affect EFT has on me, I have come out the other side of my depression feeling much stronger and better in myself. I am able to approach things in a much more measured and calm way and feel my confidence and ability to manage my emotions is the best it has ever been. I can’t thank Manuela enough for her help and would recommend her as a therapist to anyone who needs a helping ‘hypnotherapy’ hand to get through a difficult time. She is definitely my ‘healing angel’.

– Stef, Auckland, NZ

Manuela has been at Simply Natural Therapies for a number of years. She has a unique range of modalities and a very warm and caring approach. Manuela intuitively and skilfully combines techniques to bring about profound change. She works with a wide range of problems using hypnosis including weight loss, smoking, self-esteem, anxiety and has recently qualified to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Hypnosis. Please call if you would like to make an appointment with Manuela. 98427033.