VCE Girls Can Beat The Stress

Article Published in Manningham Leader 8th May 2012

A NEW course has been developed to help strung-out girls stress less in VCE.
Alison Burton, owner of Simply Natural Therapies in Doncaster East, will run an eight-week course teaching strategies for girls to cope with VCE studies.
A hypnotherapist and meditation teacher, Ms Burton said the focus would be on overall emotional and physical well-being during the tense time.
“It will encompass all elements from diet, exercise and breathing techniques to concentration, memory and comprehension skills,” Ms Burton said.
She said she was inspired to offer the program after working with anxious students last year.
“It’s a very tough time and girls feel a lot of impact on self-esteem as well,” she said.
“This course will help them manage their emotions and that is really a skill for life.”

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