11.11.11: Introducing Sylph (The Weird Stuff Begins)

By Sheryn Gung
Specializing in the Children of the New Earth and their Ascension

11.11. Those bloody numbers have been appearing everywhere for me for most of this year – On clocks, on the washing machine, on Facebook. A couple of months ago, I unrolled a beautiful painting of Buddha with Balinese calligraphy – ready to be framed after years in hibernation and my forgetting what it looked like – and at the bottom of the calligraphy were the figures: 11011.

                Being intuitive, I often receive signs from my angels and spirit guides, but before this year, they have never been in the form of numbers. Interestingly enough, my siblings regularly receive numbers: 3.16 for my brother and 4.44 for my sister. Assumedly, I never received numbers before because I am actually dyslexic with numbers – anything above two digits and my mind scrambles the numbers around (so looking for long street numbers and memorizing telephone numbers and God forbid, credit card numbers, are painful activities for me). Assumedly, 11.11 was the first number sign to be given to me for precisely that reason – to accommodate my number dyslexia.

                I knew that the 11th of November 2011 and the time surrounding it would be an important time. Apart from it being Remembrance Day in Australia, global meditations were taking place to facilitate the shift in universal consciousness so all Lightworkers could be drawn together to set forth a powerful intention of peace, unity and love for the coming age. I joined my friends at Simply Natural Therapies where Alison debriefed us on the changes that are becoming more and more apparent as we move into the New Age (collapse of institutions that are corrupt, such as finance and media, as well as small self-sufficient societies popping up around the planet). After that, she guided us through a beautiful meditation.

                During this meditation, my body started gently rocking involuntarily. I do this when the vibration of my environment is very high, and I am assimilating (and hopefully, contributing to!) this high vibration. One of my spirit guides started coming through – Sylph. She has been begging to speak for the past few weeks but I didn’t feel it was the appropriate time.

                The appropriate time came yesterday, at a Healing Circle I attend. It was an open session to be guided by Spirit. The Circle’s facilitator is my friend, Gayle, who had been aware that I’d been close to slipping into trance channelling over the past few weeks. A lovely space was created and before I knew it, I started rocking again.

                Sylph came through strongly. Sylph has been with me for many years and always appears to me as a gorgeous Scandinavian-looking goddess with long blonde hair and wearing a white dress. It was only recently that she revealed to me during a meditation that she is Pleidean. Pleideans – and Pleides – has great ramifications for the New Age (which I explain in the “Toward 2012” seminar I present with Alison). When she told me this, the penny dropped and I realised she is related to the group of blue entities I also detect from time to time. These blue spirits are also Pleideans but Sylph originally came to me in human form so I wouldn’t be scared. Now, she is like the front-woman and vocal piece of the group… kind of like the Pussycat Dolls where everyone knows who Nicole is but isn’t quite sure of the others.

                I have trance-channelled before to individual people (never full-body trance where a spirit completely takes over – indeed, many spiritual leaders feel that it is unnecessary or even dangerous), but not in front of a group. Setting my Ego-based nervousness aside, I let Sylph speak. She communicates by giving me energy blocks with a word written in what appears to be light-ink, and I translate the energy block as best I can in our limited English language.

                I only ever remember some of what she says when I finish – it’s like I’m an observer and listener, along with whoever else is in on the conversation. Here’s a summary of what Sylph communicated yesterday (what I can remember, anyway). Some is general speech and some are answers to questions from the group:

  • You are conscious creators and as Lightworkers, you work with Light and you are all playing a part in creating the shift to a higher dimension and a more peaceful world.
  • Take good care of your bodies through eating fresh fruit and vegetables and less processed, oily and fatty foods. Also, stop eating meat if you feel that’s right for you – meat has a dense energy and your bodies are slowly being transformed to be lighter. Furthermore, engage in exercise without looking at the clock – for many, this means long walks in nature and spending time in the sun, where sunlight stimulates your pineal glands.
  • DNA codes and Master Templates are being activated right now, hence the surge of “Ascension Symptoms” – unpredictable sleeping patterns, increased sensitivity to certain environments, numbness or tingling, swinging sensations in the head, etc.
  • There is nothing you can do to speed up the process of evolution: the best things to do are to be present, choose things that feel good and engage in self-care with baths, organic produce, lots of naps, etc.
  • As much as you (Lightworkers) are excited about this time, we (the Pleideans) are excited for you, too.
  • A question regarding blood (trouble donating at the moment): Blood is needed during this time of activation. It has its own special life force energy that is required for cardiovascular processes and circulation and provides a stable environment for which activation of DNA codes and the Master Template can occur. To take blood out is disruptive to one’s system, particularly during this time. (NB: I, Sheryn, feel that they were indicating that this pertains to body fluids as well as blood, so keep spitting and sex to a minimum!)
  • A question regarding inter-dimensional time and being: Time is layered and multi-faceted. Just as you go about your daily activities, there are aspects of you – fragments or particles, some might say – that exist in the Fourth Dimension, in the Fifth Dimension… way into Infinity – that also go about creating through thoughts and feelings. All of these aspects make up the whole of YOU. That is why anything that you are desiring to manifest in your physical reality always exists in energetic form before you see it in your relatively dense, material world. It is there; you just cannot see it yet! Some of you are being taught teachings and fundamental principles of the Universe through your dreams and astral travel – another reason to have plenty of sleep at the moment.
  • Is 2012 a good year to travel? It is if it makes you feel good. If you feel good and are in a space of high vibration, you are connected with Source energy. When you are connected with Source energy, you are safe and nothing can hurt you.
  • Ending message: There is nothing you do and nothing you can do that will disconnect you from Source. You are very, very loved and we hold you up on pedestals: you are courageous warriors and we hold you in the highest esteem.

It took me a little while to settle after this channelling – my stomach started churning from the change of vibration and even this morning, it was still a little upset. I know I’ve personally been receiving energy transmissions during the past few days, so I’ve been needing much more sleep than usual. The last time this happened I had come back from Fiji in March this year, and Lu’Fuo, my Lemurian guide, stepped forward to reveal himself and teach me. I had a fever and gastro after that incident.

Onto the next challenge: intense channelling without the “adjustment period” afterwards.

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