Hypnotherapy for Fertility, Conception, Birth & Post Natal Support

By Manuela Picinich

A couple is considered infertile when after 12 months have not been able to conceive or failed to carry a pregnancy to full term. According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies infertility has doubled in the last 40 years and currently one in six couples are considered infertile.  Having fertility problems can be very challenging in many ways which may result in emotional issues, negative beliefs about oneself, and in most cases stress.  Many couples seek medical intervention addressing the biological aspects of fertility; however through Hypnotherapy the necessary psychological and emotional supports are put in place, which can make these treatments much more effective.  Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective tools in assisting the mind to support the body throughout the fertility process.  It can help improve your coping mechanisms as well as sense of wellbeing.  I facilitate a one on one program to help couples overcome any mental blocks that may be affecting chances of conceiving and help achieve a state of harmony and balance. The Hypnotherapy Fertility Program is a 6 week program assisting you with your fertility and conception goals and further, if required, for support throughout the pregnancy to assist in successfully carrying your baby to full term in a calm and stress free state.

HypnoBirthing, in the last 15-8 weeks of pregnancy is also a fantastic tool to help you deliver a calm, relaxed baby, naturally and easily into a nurturing environment. I will teach you the benefits of relaxation and self-hypnosis to eliminate the fear and tension that can increase the length, and discomfort of labour.  Special breathing techniques encourage deeper relaxation during and between contractions so that you may have a shorter, more comfortable labour.  Pain does not need to accompany birth – Why is it that women in other cultures give birth almost entirely free of discomfort?  As a woman your body is designed to work in harmony with nature throughout labour. However over time we have developed a fear of labour, and our minds are easily filled with images of women screaming in a room filled with doctors. But if the fear is eliminated, the body can relax, and can easily ‘remember’ how to give birth.

After the life changing experience of bringing a child into the world, your physical and emotional well being may need to adjust and rebalance.  Many women experience hormonal fluctuations, weight management issues, anxiety & stress, low self esteem to name a few.

Having the support of someone who listens, empathises and who can give you the tools to overcome these issues is really important for new mums. A few sessions of counselling & hypnotherapy is all that may be needed so you can enjoy all the good things that come with being a new mum.

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