Back From Brazil

Well what an amazing trip to Brazil I had.  I spent the entire two weeks at Abadiania, a town a couple of hours west of Brasilia. The town is world famous for the Healing Centre there that is run by a man named João Teixeira de Faria. Joao (John) is one of the most respected and powerful healers in the world. Over the past 50 years more than a million people have visited him and many have been healed of “incurable” diseases. This humble and compassionate man is known as Joao de Deus, or John of God. He prefers to be known as Medium John as he actually channels the spirits of a number of different healers and has no memory of what happens when he is in trance.

John of God is at the complex, which is called the Casa de Dom Inacio, three days a week and frequently sees up to a thousand people a day. He welcomes people of all religions or no religion. The place is an oasis of love and light and is built on a plateau of quartz crystal overlooking a beautiful valley with a sacred waterfall. I felt like I was in Atlantis!

On the first Casa day we all got up early and dressed in white.  There are two sessions each day, one at 8am and one at 2pm. Each session can go between 2 hours to 4 and a half hours. At each session up to 300 people will sit in the hall and meditate to create the right energy, and the others will queue up and be presented to John of God one at time. He would then say what you needed according to what you asked for and what he sensed you needed. The options could be to get some herbs, have a crystal bed session, have spiritual or physical surgery or come back tomorrow etc. The physical surgery he performs has the medical and scientific community baffled. No anaesthetic, no antiseptic, no gloves, basic instruments, very little bleeding, no pain and no infections. There are lots of fairly graphic videos on YouTube if you are interested. They are not for the faint hearted but they are very real.

On that first day I went into the line to meet this amazing man. I was given a prescription for herbs, (no surgery) which was a bit of a relief.  For the afternoon session and the next day we sat in the hall and meditated. I was amazed I could sit still for so many hours. It was actually really nice.  At the end of the Thursday afternoon session they asked if anyone wanted spiritual surgery so three of our group volunteered including me.  It simply involved sitting for about five minutes while the “spirits” worked on us, then we had to go to our rooms and basically do nothing except sleep or meditate for 24 hours.  I felt a lot of energy shifts and had some profound dreams and insights during that time. We had meals delivered but we were not supposed to read, write, play music or use the phone or computer.  Lots of time for resting and reflecting. For me it was like being in Rehab to get rid of my addiction to doing too much.  When we were finally allowed out of solitary confinement I would have been quite happy to stay there for another twelve hours.  It was such a change for me to do nothing. I felt like my soul was resting after a 1000 lifetimes. It was heaven!

One evening a hotel guests from the States wanted to tell his story.  He was a Pharmacist and a Doctor. This man came to the Casa with Stage 4 Cancer of the mouth and tongue. His friends back home who are all doctors thought he was crazy to refuse surgery and chemotherapy and head off to some quack in Brazil.  This man said he had spiritual “surgery” at the Casa and the constant bleeding from his mouth stopped immediately. He spoke for 40 minutes about his healing experience and also said that doctors simply don’t understand the emotional and spiritual aspect of disease. He had discovered Louise Hay, read her book, “Heal Your Body,” and he seriously believed that his negative emotions, anger and judgement had caused the cancer. I loved what he said. To top it off there was another doctor from Miami University there who said the same thing. He is actually writing a book on PsychoNeuro Energy, the connection between the brain, the mind, the energy field and health. This doctor said that incorporating this understanding is the future of medicine and that conventional doctors are currently only working with a small part of the picture. I was in my element! Its so obvious to me that drugs and surgery cannot create health. They can only temporarily suppress or remove the symptoms. True health care has to include the health of the heart (emotions) and soul.

For me this trip both challenged, confirmed and expanded my beliefs about what’s possible, taking my understanding of reality and the potential for healing to a whole new level. Miracles seemed to be an everyday occurrence.

I brought back a little bit of Brazil in the form of blessed crystals and two Healing Triangles. You can place photos, wishes or requests in these triangles and the Entities will bless them. Unlike us in the physical world, the Entities don’t need passports, visas or airplanes to work remotely. You are welcome to use these portals for healing. They are located in our shop and classroom.

There is a intriguing interview with author, Wayne Dyer and Oprah discussing his remote “Surgery” for leukaemia with John of God at  Check out part 1 & 2 and remember that the mind is like a parachute. It works best when its open,

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