Celebrating Mother’s Day

This month at Simply Natural Therapies is dedicated to Mothers. Of course next Sunday is Mothers’ Day but we thought that Mums actually deserve at least a month of recognition and pampering.

For me, becoming a Mum just over thirty years ago was probably the most profound experience of my life. I remember leaving the hospital with my new baby girl and as I stepped out of the main door I was shocked that the world was continuing to function as usual. I wondered how everyone could be going about their normal business when the world had just changed so dramatically. I guess it was just MY world that had changed.

Before I fell pregnant I was exceptionally clucky. I was so excited about being a Mum. I took my temperature every morning to check my fertility and I was pregnant within a month.  We were over the moon. I realise now how very blessed we were that it was so quick and easy.

At Simply Natural Therapies we work with a lot of couples who are struggling to fall pregnant and I can’t imagine the heartache they experience. I do see, however, the fantastic success rate both our Acupuncturist and Naturopath have been getting in helping couples with fertility problems. You may have noticed our wall of baby photos in the Sanctuary Office. It is such a joy when couples tell us they are expecting after many years of trying, often undergoing IVF and all the stress that can create.

Once they are pregnant, we encourage our Mums to do our HypnoBirthing Course. This gives them the best chance of a natural, safe and comfortable birth. It’s a really helpful course for anyone who is anxious about birth or those Mums who would prefer a natural birth. Signing up to receive the Free Healthy Pregnancy and Birth Toolkit will give you an email a day for a week explaining many aspects of pregnancy and birth in a whole new way. It also includes a free downloadable Relaxation Track.

Regardless of how easy it was to fall pregnant or how the birth unfolded, Mums deserve to be honoured.  Mothers Day is a special time to be grateful to all the mums in the world who often sacrifice so much for their children. I know that not all Mums are great parents so Mothers’ Day is also good a day to forgive your Mum for anything she did or didn’t do that you might be resentful about. Resentment is a really toxic emotion so letting it go can be incredibly healing for you.

Manuela Picinich, our Hypnotherapist, recently completed a training course in Hypnosis for fertility.  Here is what she writes……
“A couple is considered infertile when after 12 months have not been able to conceive or failed to carry a pregnancy to full term. According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies infertility has doubled in the last 40 years and currently one in six couples are considered infertile.  Having fertility problems can be very challenging in many ways which may result in emotional issues, negative beliefs about oneself, and in most cases stress.  Read More  

Remember we have some gorgeous gifts in the shop for Mums and a gift voucher for a massage, reflexology, energy healing or psychic reading is always a great idea. If you purchase a gift or voucher from our ONLINE SHOP we can dispatch directly to your Mum with a Mothers’ Day card from you,

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