Reduce Your Acidity and Detox Your Body

This week one of our lovely Naturopath’s Michelle Fort has put together some information for you on Acidity and Alkalinity, with some helpful and easy to follow tips on how to alkalise your body, and start feeling your best.

THIS WEEK’S HEALTH TIP: Reduce Your Acidity

I hope you had a lovely Easter break. I had a wonderful 10 days with my husband in Europe.  It was great to see Germany’s beautiful powdery snow and England’s rolling hills and country side.  It was a fantastic opportunity to turn my brain, phone and computer off and practice being in the here and now. Very meditative and a great brain detox. 
As I’m sure you are well aware April is “Detox Month” at Simply Natural Therapies and I’d like to help you by contributing some information that may help you incorporate detox into your life.

Today I want to talk to you about Acidity and Alkalinity and how we can make a dramatic difference to the way we look and feel by choosing a diet that is high in alkaline foods which in turn promotes an alkaline, energetic and healthy body.
Some physicians suggest that an over acidic body is the cause of all disease, creating everything from indigestion to autoimmune disease. Acidic people tend to feel uncomfortable, overloaded, irritable and unhappy. It can also create an addictive seesaw; the more acidic you are, the more you will want and crave acidic foods.
So it’s time to cut the ties, start afresh and begin alkalising and detoxing.

  1. First make the decision that it’s time to alkalise!
  2. Fill the fridge with beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables which Australia is so blessed and abundant with.
  3. Drink plenty of filtered, mineralised water. Preferably 2 litres daily. Add some lemon juice throughout the day.
  4. Juicing your fruits and veggies is a fabulous way to alkalise.  Include the kids in some juicing fun.  Let them choose their own fruits and vegetables at the supermarket and get them involved.
  5. To relieve indigestion take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar at the beginning of each meal.  A good probiotic can make a big difference too.
  6. Eat small meals regularly.
  7. Drink herbal teas. They add alkalinity as well as getting your water intake up each day.  Chicory root contains a prebiotic, and is a great coffee substitute.
  8. Regulate blood sugar levels with a little protein such as a small handful of raw almonds.
  9. Try eating as nature intended: fruits, raw or slightly steamed vegies, herbs and spices and a little protein (chicken or fish), nuts and legumes (lentils, chick peas, beans etc).

Make a note of how you feel before and after.  I’m sure you will be amazed.

Lifestyle Tips:

  1. Move your body.  Walk the dog, take the children to a park and play chasey, run up the stairs, park your car further way from the supermarket.
  2. Step outside for at least 20 mins daily and catch some sunshine.
  3. Mindful meditation – focus on the breath at least once a day.
  4. Become part of a weekly group or class that you enjoy.
  5. Laugh and relax, make ‘play’ part of your day.
  6. Grow some organic herbs and veg in a pot by the back door (close to the kitchen)

The good news is that the body can be very forgiving and by adding enough alkalising foods you can neutralise and flush out inflammation and acidity bringing you back to better health.  The purpose of detoxing is to draw out toxins, impurities, unwanted wastes and pollutants from every part of your body and eliminate them through the bowel.

It’s simple, easy and once you start your new routine you will feel the difference very quickly. It can be really enjoyable to take action, and start feeling and looking healthy and happy.  I love feeling well!
If you would like to personally see whether you are leaning towards acidity or alkalinity I am offering free pH testing on Mondays the 22nd and 29th between 12-2pm, please call or email to book your time.
Or you can come along to my fun Detox – Green Slime Included seminar on Wednesday 1st of May 1.00pm-2.00pm where I will be doing pH testing and providing some more information on Detoxifying your body –  bookings are essential. $20 per person. Please call or email.

Warm Regards,

Michelle Fort
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