Tips on Detoxing

As most of you know, Alison left for Brazil this morning and will be away for the next two weeks. While she is off on her personal detoxing and healing journey, we’ve asked our practitioners to put together some advice, tips and information for you all on detoxing. Whether it be detoxing your body, your mind, or your spirit. Below is Debbie, our Kinesiologist and Anne Maree one of our Acupuncturists tips for you. I don’t know about you, but after Easter my body is in definite need of a detox 😉

“Wow, if your house is anything like mine, then a detox is in need! After having sugar fueled kids full of Chocolate Easter Eggs, trying to keep the kids entertained at home whilst on school holidays, the change of hour for daylight savings and dealing with the constant demands of Mum I want this, Mum can I have this etc…. Arghh!!
When we are stressed, overeat, eat processed or fried foods, our livers can become overworked and overloaded. When the liver is overloaded, it is unable to process toxins and fat in an efficient way. In Kinesiology the liver is related to feelings of anger, helplessness, rage, unhappiness and irritability. So if you or your children are feeling any or all of these emotions and have been overloading our livers over the Easter period, then it is a definite sign that you need to detox that liver:

Here are a few helpful tips to start our detox going..

1. First thing first is to get rid of all of those uneaten chocolate Easter Eggs. Donate them to a family, friend or local office for their staffroom.
2. Start drinking extra water to flush out all of those toxins.
3. Start your day by drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice, which will help your liver recover.
4. Balance out the sugar fueled foods with some vegetables.
5. Include extra garlic in your next meal, which helps to flush out toxins in the liver.
6. Slow down and spend some time today to take a few deep breaths and re-center yourself within. Refocus yourself on the positives in your life.
I know if I am feeling unhappy or irritable then my children tend to follow suit. I believe that Mums’ have a great power in setting the mood of the household. Let go of all the extra non-essential housework for today and have a pyjama day with your kids. Relax with them and you will be amazed how they will respond to your newfound relaxed state.
Good luck and remember that a lot of Mum’s are all going through similar things with their kids, so take it easy on yourself. Take time out to enjoy this next week with your kids before they go back to school.”
Written by Debbie Rossi, Kinesiologist at Simply Natural Therapies
Kinesiology is an alternative and natural therapy that uses gentle non-invasive muscle testing to test your body for imbalances and stresses within the body. Debbie is then able to determine how to make the correct changes to help you achieve your health goals.

“The body detoxes and eliminates from 4 areas – Kidneys and Bowel, Skin and Lungs.
I would like to focus on the detoxing effect of the latter two. Firstly the lungs via the breath is our link to life on this planet, being the first action we take at birth and the last when we leave our physical body.  By breathing consciously and fully we take in lifeforce and essentially eliminate toxins through the breath. Deep breathing via the nose oxygenates every system of the body via the lungs and through the blood which takes nutrients to every cell and organ in our body. The flow of breath takes in qi or prana and exhalation of waste is enhanced.
Conscious deep breathing clears the head and mind and acts as a muscle relaxant in times of stress or with sleep difficulties. I believe correct nasal breathing massages and soothes our psyche!
Our skin, the largest organ of the body, is also a wonderful means of eliminating toxins and waste.  By doing aerobic exercise, your skin and lungs work together to detox.  Through deeper breathing and increased heart rate you assist your lymphatic system to throw out waste and toxins in the form of perspiration.
So let’s remember to breathe consciously and get in some huff n puff exercise…at least a few times a week to detox, avoid colds and flus and to maintain a clear head and glowing skin!”
Written by Anne Maree Hone, Acupuncturist at Simply Natural Therapies
Acupuncture sets and rebalances disharmony by reducing inflammation, heat, toxins and acidity whether caused by incorrect diet, negative emotions or something else. Through a course of Acupuncture treatments these imbalances can be addressed and help you feel happier, healthier, and clearer on all levels.

If you have any questions for any of our practitioners or would like more information, please give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

Warm Regards,
Leah Ryper
Compiled with the help of our lovely practitioners.