Detox by Debbie Rossi

Wow, if your house is anything like mine, then a detox is in need! After having sugar fueled kids full of Chocolate Easter Eggs, trying to keep the kids entertained at home whilst on school holidays, the change of hour for daylight savings and dealing with the constant demands of Mum I want this, Mum can I have this etc…. Arghh!!

When we are stressed, overeat, eat processed or fried foods, our livers can become overworked and overloaded. When the liver is overloaded, it is unable to process toxins and fat in an efficient way. In Kinesiology the liver is related to feelings of anger, helplessness, rage, unhappiness and irritability. So if you or your children are feeling any or all of these emotions and have been overloading our livers over the Easter period, then it is a definite sign that you need to detox that liver:

Here are a few helpful tips to start our detox going..
1. First thing first is to get rid of all of those uneaten chocolate Easter Eggs. Donate them to a family, friend or local office for their staffroom.
2. Start drinking extra water to flush out all of those toxins.
3. Start your day by drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice in the morning, which will help your liver recover.
4. Balance out the sugar fueled foods with some vegetables and remember to watch those food labels to ensure what you are actually eating is not full of hidden sugars. Green leafy vegetables are excellent to help cleanse the liver, they can be eaten raw, cooked or juiced.
5. Include extra garlic in your next meal, which will also help flush out toxins in the liver.
6. Slow down and spend some time today to take a few deep breaths and re-center yourself within. Refocus yourself on the positives in your life and start to let go of any anger or unhappiness by feeling content within yourself and of who you are.

I know if I am feeling unhappy or irritable then my children tend to follow suit and feel the same way. I believe that we as Mum’s have a great power in setting the mood of the household. Let go of all the extra non-essential housework for today and have a pyjama day with your kids. Relax with them and you will be amazed that they will respond to your newfound relaxed state.

Good luck and remember that we as Mum’s are all going through similar things with our kids, so take it easy on yourself. Take time out to enjoy this next week with your kids before they go back to school.

Until the next blog, enjoy your kids.

Debbie Rossi
Kinesiologist at Simply Natural Therapies

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