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I hope you had a lovely relaxing break over Easter. I had a gorgeous few days with friends who have a property near Lake Eildon.  It was great to sit around and open fire and forget about everything for a while.  It was a great brain detox for me especially because I was out of phone range so I had to go cold turkey from emails and text messages.  April is “Detox Month” at Simply Natural Therapies and this month our practitioners will be giving you some really helpful information while I am away for a couple of weeks. 

I am going on a retreat for healers to Brazil with a small group of people I have not yet met so it’s quite an adventure.  We are going to see John of God who is a famous medium and spiritual healer. I will let you know how it all goes when I am back at the end of April.

Today I want to talk to you about oxidative stress.  “What’s that?” I hear you ask.  Well, I’m guessing you are familiar with anti-oxidants.  You can get anti-oxidants from fruit and vegies, dark chocolate, green tea and red wine. Free radicals, on the other hand are a result of exercise, pollution, stress, smoking, alcohol, foods high in fat and sugar, processed foods and environmental chemicals.

Oxidative stress is what happens when your body has more free radicals (the bad guys) than anti-oxidants (the good guys).  The body is constantly working to reduce free radicals and keep you healthy.  When the free radicals outnumber the anti-oxidants your body will age more quickly, you will be more likely to have inflammation, you will be at risk of many major diseases and your body will be acidic.  Oxidation is similar to rusting and anti-oxidants are like an anti-rust agent.

The good news is that enough anti-oxidants can neutralise free radicals and bring you back to balance.  It’s a simple equation.  When you get it right you can slow the ageing process and reduce the risk of disease.  The first step in getting the balance right is to reduce the free radicals.

Cleaning up your lifestyle and diet and avoiding processed foods can make an enormous difference.  Cutting out all cakes, biscuits, ice-creams and fried foods may seem a little extreme but I promise you will be surprised by how much better you feel.  Why not try a week eating only fruits, vegies and a little protein, nuts and legumes (lentils, chick peas, beans etc).

Juicing your fruits and vegies is a fabulous way to detox and give your body a chance to win the battle against free radicals. My favourite juice is called CABALA JUICE
Apple (red)
Apple (yellow)
Apple (green)

Drink as much as you like whenever you like.   See right for our exceptional offer on a really good juicer.  Save $100. One week only. Offer ends April 9th.

Wishing You Health and Happiness
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