Cosmetic Acupuncture by Anne Maree Hone

In Chinese medicine the progress of skin ageing is said to relate to two components:
The landscape of Qi, blood and fluids & the effects of climatic factors

Cosmetic Acupuncture can improve the collagen production, blood circulation and moistens the skin. When acupuncture needles are placed at junctures in the facial terrain, it stimulates the blood flow to the area being treated. This enhanced circulation of Qi and and fresh blood transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells. The body interprets the site of the insertion as a positive injury. Although there isn’t scientific evidence to prove this, the results can include ‘plumped’ up tissues and fat cells caused by the production of greater levels of collagen and elastin.

I have trained with Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, a world renowned Cosmetic Facial Acupuncturist and educator who runs a busy practice in New York. Her system of Facial Acupuncture is based in part on the work of Jacques Lavier, ‘the father of French Acupuncture’.

Facial Acupuncture is based upon the precepts of Oriental medicine and the appearance of the face reflects the overall balance and health of the entire body, so a client is getting far more in a session than a ‘cosmetic’ treatment. Facial Acupuncture can address not only acu-points but also the facial muscles, thereby having a beneficial effect on sagging skin.  Good rejuvenating facial acupuncture consists of a combination of ear, head, body and facial needling and emotional transformation! As well herbal masks which nourish and calm the skin and jade rollers to smooth and cool. This is a fairly intense treatment, and I use the highest quality Seirin cosmetic needles because they are very thin, making the treatment as relaxing as possible.

Immediately after a session you should notice increased radiance and firmness to the skin as a gradual improvement also takes place over time. It is advised to plan for 10-12 treatments to achieve best results; however this also depends on your needs and constitutional profile. A weekly treatment is advisable followed by a maintenance program of once every 1-3months. Treatments are approx 75 minutes and cost $150. Packages are also available at a reduced price of $595/5 Sessions.

If you’d like you can try the first session at the single price of $150 and then if you are happy to go ahead with a package we will deduct this amount off the $595 to cover the remaining treatments.

Please note* Cosmetic Acupuncture is not available to people who suffer from hypertension, migraines and haemophilia or women who are pregnant.

Written by Anne Maree Hone, Acupuncturist at Simply Natural Therapies