Easter Savings At Simply Natural

It seems like it was Christmas a minute ago and now its Easter!  As a VIP customer/client we are offering 20% off all stock in our shop (supplements excluded) this week only. You just need to mention this email. You won’t find a better time to buy a Juice BuddyJuicepresso or one of our great Zazen Water Filters

March is SKIN CARE MONTH at Simply Natural Therapies and drinking good quality juice and water are great ways to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

To increase the hydration, tone and energy flow to your skin you might want to consider Cosmetic Acupuncture. I have had my fourth session of cosmetic acupuncture and my skin is looking and feeling healthier every week.  We will post some before and after photos when I am finished. Anne-Maree, our Cosmetic Acupuncturist, recommends five weekly sessions.

Whatever skin care products, regime or techniques you use, drinking enough water plays a really important role in skin health.
If you haven’t taken our 30 Day Water Challenge yet then this feedback might inspire you. You will receive an email a day for 30 days keeping you informed, inspired and on track.

“The 30 day water challenge has been great for me.  It came in perfect timing as I am in my last trimester of pregnancy.  At a time when I would be feeling sluggish, I am feeling like a million dollars. I was able to “ace” the glucose tolerance test as well as my bi-weekly protein and glucose tests.  During this time, I have gone off coffee, tea and hot chocolate, so I am saving money and feeling fuller by incorporating more water into my diet.  My skin is glowing naturally from being hydrated. Thanks for organising the 30 day water challenge Alison! Best regards,” Jenny

“I have loved the 30 day water challenge, it was hard at the start to increase my water intake. Overall I have had less headaches lost weight and feel great. I am so glad that I participated and I will keep up my water levels.”  Martine

“Absolutely hydrated and refreshed! My bladder has been tamed and my skin has never looked so clear and radiant. My belly has also conveniently disappeared. Your emails of support have helped a task that could have so easily failed. Thank you so much :)” Anna

“Hi Alison, I have completed the 30 day water challenge and it was the best thing I have done.  I eat less because I am full from all the water, I feel cleansed because I go to the toilet heaps (both liquid and solid).  I generally feel better!  Thanks again,” Dom

“Thank you so much for this opportunity – I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel so much better within myself and I am constantly being told how much younger I look and I love it. As I am currently studying Kinesiology, I decided to take this challenge so I had more knowledge to advise others on the value of being hydrated and your daily emails have been a wealth of information and knowledge for me. Thank you so much. Kind Regards,” Louanna

“I have already bought the Waterman Filter. The water tastes very good and makes you want to drink more as it tastes quite smooth. Kind regards,”  Ellen

“I did the 30 day water challenge and it made me realise just how little I had been drinking. It took about a week to get up to the required amount but now if I don’t drink enough in a day my body sure lets me know. A great little excercise with great results.Thank you.” Maree

“Generally I am going well, I have 3 litres to get through. I have found I feel more energy when getting my daily amount consumed and I am a lot more clear headed. Thanks for doing this Alison,” Mim

CLICK HERE to sign up here for this 30 Day Water Challenge and please, please let me know how you go. I must say that taking this challenge is infinitely easier and you are much more likely to maintain the change when you have a good water filter. Our Zazen Filters retail for $495 but if you order one this Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday you pay just $396 and save $99!!

Over Easter we are closed on Good Friday and Monday but open as usual from 9am to 3pm on Easter Saturday.
Our Massage Therapist, Phil Low, is available on Saturday. If you are serious about taklng care of your health we highly recommend investing in a package of 6 x one hour massages for $450. You save $60 and your body will love you for it.

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