All Death is by Choice

Article By Sheryn Gung

Specializing in Children of the New Earth and their Ascension

By 2012, there will be an estimated 7 billion people living on our Planet if trends in the aging and growing population continue. According to some visionaries however, the population is anticipated to drop drastically by as many as three-quarters between 2012 and 2030, as many choose to continue their evolution elsewhere, or even facilitate evolution from the other side.

The expected causes of a possible decline in global population are earth changes, decline of immune systems (partially due to the aftermath of natural disasters ) and suicides. It is suicides that I will be addressing today.
Many lightworkers at the moment are experiencing the deaths of those around them. While any death is hard to cope with for those who are still here – grieving, missing and learning to adjust to life without their loved one – perhaps the most poignant of all deaths are those that are self-imposed.
According to Esther and Jerry Hicks’ Teachings of Abraham, all death is self-imposed, whether it’s as conscious as taking your own life or as subconscious as suffering through a terminal illness to an eventual death. This can be attributed to various factors from the perspective of spiritual truth, most notably, that no one dies before their time. Even if the circumstances surrounding death appear tragic, somewhere at a soul-level, the person would’ve opted to return home in that situation. This is often pre-destined – the person chooses how they will die before they incarnate into their current lives.
While having a loved one die from cancer or a car collision is tragic, the ripple effect of suicide is arguably greater. Loved ones are burdened with waves of guilt and regret: “I should’ve talked to him sooner”; “I saw all the signs – I wish I’d given her the number of that counsellor”. Ultimately it comes down to the feeling of helplessness: “I could’ve prevented this. I could’ve saved his life.”
A suicidal person is naturally, at a very low point of his life. He may feel he has no friends; he’s broken up with his girlfriend; he has lost his job; he is constantly on the receiving end of bad luck and no one and nothing is giving him a break. With time and evolution accelerating, even lightworkers are wishing to cease to be here in the lead up to the New Age, as they feel overwhelmed in a world that seems to become increasingly harsh. As Law of Attraction dictates, whatever you focuses on grows, and so a suicidal person spirals into greater depression and feelings of helplessness and despair.
Human beings naturally want to feel better, wherever we are at emotionally. If we feel bored, we desire stimulation; if we feel angry, we desire peace. In other words, wherever we are at emotionally, it is natural for us to release resistance and seek something that feels just a little bit better. If you visualise all emotions ascending from negative to positive on the rungs of a ladder (the Emotional Guidance Scale by the Teachings of Abraham is a good reference), each rung would bear the name of a different emotion, but the spaces between each rung would be the same word: relief.
For a suicidal person, it is hard for them imagine climbing that ladder to experience feelings of hope and contentment, let along bliss and passion. In her mind and where her vibration is at, it is more natural – more relieving – to let it all go and move into the next world. Although I do not advocate it by any means, it does take courage to suicide. It takes complete faith that what you’ll experience afterwards will feel better than where you are now.
For the loved ones left to pick up the pieces, they will inevitably experience confusion and the aforementioned guilt and regret slicing through the heartache. Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance) are also a common emotional epilogue. Once acceptance comes, and often through the passing of time and with lots of compassion, support and love, it helps to acknowledge another spiritual truth: death is no big deal. It’s as easy as stepping into another room.
As Mother Teresa said, it’s a good day to go to heaven.
©Sheryn Gung

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