Well in Winter? Ask the Experts

Our Naturopath, Emma Mansfield, featured in the ‘Ask the Experts’ Article in That’s Life Magazine
June 2nd 2011

Ask the Experts
Everyone wants to be well in winter, but with so many coughs, colds and viruses around, it can be pretty tough. Here, four body experts share their stay-healthy secrets to keep sickness at bay…

The Naturopath
Emma Mansfield
Common infections like colds and flu are very contagious and it’s all to easy to become infected. Naturopathic practitioners Emma Mansfield explains how you can stay in top form naturally.

The Miracle Herbs
Echinacea is one of the most well-known herbal medicines for boosting your body’s immune response. Good quality liquid echinacea should cause a significant tingling sensation in the mouth, so if it doesn’t tingle, it’s not worth using. Other herbs that can help support your immune system include elderberry, andrographis, yarrow and thyme. A qualified practitioner will know which of these are best for you.

Get Your ZZZZZZs
Get lots of rest and sleep, especially if you’re already sick. This gives the immune system a good chance to deal with the infection.

Spice It Up
Eat plenty of garlic and onions. They have an antimicrobial effect and support immunity. Chilli and ginger are also good for the body’s winter defences.

Speak To An Expert
Take action early to prevent getting sick. Before flu season hits, see your naturopath or healthcare professional who can help your boost your immunity with the right herbal medicines.  

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