Randomly Asked Questions: The Musings of Children of the New Earth

Article By Sheryn Gung

Specializing in Children of the New Earth and their Ascension

I never wanted my own children, let alone work with other people’s children. Then I turned fifteen and I must’ve had a severe concussion or had a walk-in spirit enter my body, because suddenly, I found myself coaching kids. And I was I enjoying it.

It was karate at first, then it became funk dancing. I took it for granted that I could teach and build rapport with children and young adults, until I saw a grown man at the front of the class trying to teach. He was a hulk of a man, about six foot three, and he was shaking at the knees. It became reinforced that I had found a nice niche in teaching when parents told me I was good… and more importantly, kids themselves told me so. “You know what? You’re a really good teacher,” one boy told me way back then. Having specialized in teaching Children of the New Earth for the past seven or so years, reinforcement has become a more emotional and emphatic “I love you, Sheryn!”

The following is a selection of RAQ (Randomly Asked Questions) from Children of the New Earth (“Children of the New Earth” is an umbrella term for Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children). Being Children of the New Earth, they are so unique they cannot possibly ask the same questions frequently! Through the answers, I also hope to address more common questions that parents often ask me.

If Crystal Children are called that because they like Crystals, do Indigo Children like Indigos?

No. Crystal Children are so called because they have crystalline auras. Yes, they do like crystals and stones – and they love spending time in nature in general. The influx of Crystal Children was between 1990 and early 2000s. They mostly work from their Crown Chakras, and are generally peaceful, loving and affectionate. Crystal Children tend to draw younger children and animals towards them – if there’s a bird with a broken wing, a Crystal Child will find him and bring him home for healing! Many Crystal Children will end up being healers or working with animals or the environment when they grow up.

Indigo Children have indigo auras (hence their name) and work predominantly from their Third Eye Chakras. They are generally born between 1978 and 1990. One thing that distinguishes Indigos from Crystals is that Indigo Children have quite fiery temperaments, which is important for their overall purpose of breaking down structures and rules in religion, education, politics, the environment, etc that belong to the “old world”. While anger is often seen as a bad thing, anger at the world or world issues can be used as a catalyst to create powerful, lasting change.

Indigo Children are here to bust down old structures and Crystal Children are here to usher in a New Age of peace, integrity and love after their Indigo brothers and sisters have paved the way!

Can you be an younger Indigo or older Crystal Child?

Yes. The timeframes are just a general guideline – you can find Indigo Children being born in the 1960s, right into the late 90s. Likewise, there are some “Crystal adults”. The main thing that determines which generation you are is not the year you’re born but the set of characteristics you have.

Do all Indigos have ADD or ADHD? Do all Crystals have Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome?

No. It is quite commonly known that many Indigo Children have been misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD but there are some Indigos, such as myself, that don’t have ADD or ADHD. (We do, however, tend to have scattered thinking. That’s because we’re born with massively long “To Do Lists” for issues we must address in this world, and we don’t  know where to start!) On the other hand, a child with ADD or ADHD is not necessarily an Indigo. The main difference is that Indigo children can see a task to completion (even if it takes a while!) whereas children with ADD or ADHD really struggle with closure.

While many Indigos have been misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD, many Crystal Children have been misdiagnosed with Autism or Aspergers. This is because Crystal Children are often telepathic and learn to speak later in life when they realise that’s not the way we currently communicate on Planet Earth! This doesn’t fit into society’s model of where a child should be at a certain stage of development, so labels are given to these beautiful children, regardless of the fact that these children carry no other symptoms of being on the autism spectrum (for example, they socialise well, which is not a trait of autistic children). Luckily, many Crystal Children are born to parents who are spiritually-minded, or at least have a relative that is.

Just as not every child with ADD or ADHD is an Indigo Child, not every child with autism or Asperger’s is a Crystal Child.

Is my sister a Rainbow Child?

Maybe. The influx of Rainbow Children started in 2010 and will continue into the next decade or so. Rainbow Children have rainbow auras, and work from their Heart Spaces – places of pure, unconditional love. Rainbow Children are not susceptible to the Illusion of Duality (or Separation) like the rest of us are – instead of good versus bad or right versus wrong, they can perceive only absolute purity and love in every person. Rainbow Children are also blessed with telepathy, the ability to instantly manifest, spontaneously heal and other similar gifts. Their overall purpose is to help us reclaim our power as conscious co-creators of our reality, and to remind us that gifts like instant manifestation are within our reach. Rainbow Children are said to have no karma and being in the presence of one is like being in the presence of an Ascended Master, like Jesus or Buddha.

One major difference between Rainbow Children and the older generations of Children of the New Earth is that Rainbows can love and forgive unconditionally. Indigos and Crystals will only love and forgive those who are similar to them in vibration, or who they think are deserving.

What if you’re an old person? Can you still be an Indigo or Crystal or Rainbow?

Sometimes. Generally those of the older generations, such as parents or grandparents, fall into the category of “Lightworkers” if they are spiritually minded. A Lightworker is anyone who feels compelled to make a positive difference to the world, and he or she often ends up working in healing, teaching or the arts. Lightworkers started coming through en masse around the 1960s – the hippy era. They came here knowing that they needed to bring about drastic change – a peace revolution. However, many of them ended up conforming to societal norms. So the big guys upstairs (The Great White Brotherhood, Archangels, Galactic Confederation, etc) did a call-out to souls who had the drive to break down the structures that no longer serve Planet Earth. The Indigo Children, with their fiery natures, put their hands up and started coming through to our world in the late 1970s.

What about the ones who aren’t Lightworkers, Indigos, Crystals or Rainbows? What are they called?


3 Things I’ve learned about Children of the New Earth:

1)      Never lend your Child of the New Earth your best pendulum. She will inevitably break it, and blame it on the spirit she was trying to connect with.

2)      As spiritually evolved as they are, Children of the New Earth are still children with popular interests. They will make you stop playing Deva Premal chanting with the Gyuto Monks of Tibet in favour of Justin Bieber.

3)      When you ask a Child of the New Earth what he wants to be when he grows up, you must let him down gently when he says “ninja” or “leprechaun”.

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