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Well despite the blustery weather things are busier than ever at our end of Tunstall Square. Did you know that we now have The Flight Centre as our new neighbour? I must confess that I pinched some of their brochures for our last Vision Board Workshop. I’m sure I’m not the only one dreaming about a tropical holiday on a wintery Melbourne Day.

I also need to put a new house on my Vision Board. My husband and I have spent the last couple of Sundays looking at display homes and I must say we have found some gorgeous ones. We’re thinking we’ll build something over the next 12 months so we’re having lots of fun doing our research and dreaming.

Now, one of the issues that was raised by last week’s email, about creating what you want, was about materialism and consumerism.  Historically, spirituality and poverty went hand in hand.  Those who entered into service as nuns, priests or monks etc. would make a vow of poverty.  Sayings like, “It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven,” and “Money is the root of all evil,” seemed to have taken hold and not only the clergy, but the general population were discouraged from becoming wealthy.

Since the recent realisation of our ability to create what we think about and attract what we imagine, many people have begun to question their mindset around money.  If we attract wealth into our lives are we being greedy? Are we depriving someone else? If we’re rich, what about the starving children in Africa?  Can we be wealthy and be good people at the same time?

I recently started reading Marianne Williamson’s book, “The Divine Compensation.”  She poses a similar question about starving children in Africa.  Are they poor because of their beliefs?  Her response is that “Starving children in Africa are not poor because their consciousness is unaligned with love, they are poor because ours is.” I find that such a powerful statement. She goes on to say, “A billion people on earth live in ‘deep poverty’ – that is, on less than a dollar and twenty-five cents day. A billion more live on less than two dollars a day. Yet this is not an “exception” to the rule that love casts out fear. Quite the opposite, it is a collective lovelessness on the part of the advanced nations of the world that allows
us to accept the reality of deep poverty, thus deflecting a miraculous solution.

When we collectively make love our bottom line – making humanitarian values rather than short-term economics the organising principle of human civilization – then the situation will indeed miraculously change.

According to Jeffrey Sachs, one hundred billion dollars (one-seventh of the annual military defence budget of the United States) could eradicate deep poverty within ten years.”  Marianne Williamson suggests you take a look at www.results.org.

My point is that I believe it’s time that those of us who live from the heart claimed back the wealth of the world. Did you know that 49 individuals own 50% of the wealth on the planet? What if those individuals were conscious, enlightened, caring people who decided to do what they could to end poverty and suffering?  Just like in the show “Secret Millionaire,” what if the Trillionaires opened their hearts and decide to create change.  Now that would be a good day!

In the meantime, why not ensure that your mindset allows you to attract wealth
and abundance and then use it with joy and love?  Our next Vision Board Workshop,
“Dream It, Do It” is at 7.30pm this Wednesday Evening. Call on 9842 7033
or email us us to book.

At Simply Natural Therapies we invest a percentage of our shop sales in The
Hunger Project   www.thp.org .  A recent audit of their
effectiveness showed that every dollar donated to The Hunger Project was as
effective as $74 donated to any other NGO doing similar work.

So we love making money and we welcome abundance. It means the more we make the
more we can donate!  We are also doing our best to ensure all our products
are natural, ethical and Free Trade.

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