John of God’s Australian Tour

I hope you’ve managed to stay warm and dry and safe over the past week.
What stormy weather we’ve had. Last Tuesday I was watching the trees outside
our clinic and expecting the
m to snap. The wind was so strong!

This weekend I did Level 2 Light DynamicsTraining with Jennifer Valente. All I
can say is Wow! Jenn is a brilliant teacher and Light Dynamics is quite an
amazing modality. We now have 6 Practitioners at Simply Natural Therapies who
have done Jenn’s training and its certainly bringing some beautiful healing energy
into our Centre. The lovely Jade Moldovan is back from her trip this
week and is available on Wednesday if you would like to experience a Light
Dynamics Healing Session. I surprised myself on Sunday night after the
course, when 20 minutes of Light Dynamics totally cleared my daughter’s
headache that had been hanging around all weekend.

Speaking of beautiful healing energy, in April last year I went to visit John
of God in Brazil. Years earlier I’d heard about this humble man who was
performing miracles and healing the sick. He welcomes people of all religions
(or no religion) and doesn’t charge at all for his services. When I was
introduced to Nicole Rigato, who leads retreats for practitioners to his
“Spiritual Hospital”, I knew I had to go.

Although I didn’t really have the funds to take two weeks off and go on a trip
to South America, Nicole told me that if you’re meant to go then Spirit/The
Universe would help get you there.  She said that once you make the
commitment then miracles start to happen in your life. I also found that every
time I spoke about it with anyone I got a wave of tingles.  As you
probably know, that wave of tingles is usually confirmation from spirit that
you’re on track. Anyway I booked the trip, put the airfare on a credit card
and started paying Nicole in instalments.  A few weeks before I went two
miracles happened.

I had a suspicious spot in my skin that the skin specialist was not happy
about. Despite my faith in natural therapies I’d booked in to have it removed.
I had to wait a few weeks as the surgeon needed to postpone the procedure for
some reason. That meant it was going to happen just ten days prior to the trip
and I was a little concerned about the timing. Two days before the appointment
the spot totally dried up and dropped off, leaving pink healthy skin.  I
cancelled the surgery and thanked Spirit/The Universe/my Higher Self or whoever
it is that works this magic.

At about the same time my dad rang me. My dad and step mum live in Ballarat. He
asked me when I could come up because he had something for me.
I told him that it would need to be after the trip as I had so much
to organise. He told me he would post it. “What was it?” I
asked.  As cliche as it sounds, he told me that my Great Aunt Florrie, who
had died a number of years earlier, had left some money. My dad and his sister
had just decided to divide the money between myself and my 3 sisters. I was
intrigued and asked how much it was. You guessed it, it was almost exactly what
I had to paid Nicole for the trip. I say “almost” because it was
actually $100 more. I was incredibly surprised and grateful but curious
about what the extra $100 was for until the travel agent called.  She
said she’d had trouble getting connections for the flight home.  We
would have to stay overnight in São Paulo and the hotel was going to cost
an extra $100!

My time in Brazil was truly amazing and life changing.  It cleared all
doubt about the power of working with Spirit. I’ve spoken about it a number of
times at my “Manifesting Miracles” talks so if you would like to hear
moe then keep your eye out for the next date.

John of God is a full trance medium. He literally leaves his body and has no
recollection of what happens as he heals up to a thousand people a day.
If you’re interested then take a look at this YouTube video of Wayne
Dyer and Oprah talking about Wayne’s experience of remote
“surgery.” for his Leukeamia.

As you may know the Crystal Bed we have in our clinic is from John of God’s
Casa in Brazil and also came to us in quite a miraculous way. It works with the
same powerful energies that work through him and is a truly beautiful
experience for most people.

I’m really excited to let you know that John of God is coming to Sydney in
November. i don’t know about you but I wouldn’t miss it for the
world.  Nicole Rigato, who has run a number of Group Healing Meditations
for us, is an official John of God guide. Nicole is running an information
session for us on Friday next week, July 11th at 7.15pm.  If you’re
curious to know more, or if you’re already booked to go to Sydney then this
information session will give you all the information you need to make the
decision, prepare and get the most out of your experience.  CLICK HERE to register

Nicole is also running a Group
Healing Meditation
to “Opening to Receive the
Wisdom of Your Divine Presence”.  During this Meditation
everyone lies on the floor with their heads towards Nicole’s Master
Crystals.  It’s an incredibly powerful healing experience so come along if
you can. Cost is $40  CLICK HERE to

Now for something completely different….


At this time of year people often enjoy the warm, nurturing and
relaxing comfort of ear candling. Here is what some of our clients have to

“It felt as if I had
water swishing around in my ear.  I hadn’t been swimming or diving so
thought I would try ear candling to see if It would clear it.  I have to
admit I was amazed when the ear candling had dislodged this ‘fingernail size’
ball of water encased in a membrane and to my surprise the swishing was no longer
there. What a natural way to clear up my problem!”

Tony, Doncaster East

“For weeks, if not
months, I had been waking up in the morning with a foggy head and feeling like
I had I was wearing ear muffs. It was very frustrating not only to me but to my
family.  A few sessions of the ear candling over some weeks, cleared up
the problem and I realised that my ears were so full of wax by what was
extracted into the ear candles.  Life is back to normal so thank you so
much for suggesting this easy procedure!”

Mrs P, Forest Hill

Ear candling  has been used throughout Asia and ancient Egpyt
for thousands of years. If youwould like to try it give us a
call. A 30 minute session is $60

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