What’s Stopping Your Dreams?

How are you coping with winter?
I’ve had quite a few people tell me recently that they’re heading
north for a few weeks.  What a sensible idea.  No wonder birds
migrate for the winter. 

If you can’t head North then it’s an equally sensible to snuggle up at home and
stay cosy on these chilly nights. Leah (my daughter and Clinic Manager) has
actually taken up knitting which brings back fond winter memories for me.
It is a bit of a challenge to her since she also has a new puppy who fancies
balls of wool and chewing on knitting needles.

As nice as it is to be being cosy at home, we would love you to join us at
Simply Natural Therapies for any or all of our awesome upcoming events.
Yesterday I sent an email with a list of things happening this week so
take a look if you haven’t read it already.  I promised you our events are
always worth coming out for.  And we have heating!

Next week we’re running a Vision Board Workshop called “Dream It, Do It.”
If you’re not familiar with the power of Vision Boards to help manifest
what you want then take a look at this short video with John Assaraf on The
Larry King Show.  www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVVOQVgvaWU

John appeared in the movie The Secret which was released in 2006. You’ve
probably seen this movie but if not it’s definitely worth watching.  “The
Secret” the movie reveales is the fact that we attract and create what we think
about.  It introduced this idea to the general public and started lots of
people thinking and talking about the concept of the Law of Attraction.

Many people tried the techniques to manifest what they wanted and many were
disappointed by the lack of results. That doesn’t mean however that the Law of
Attraction doesn’t work, it just means that there is more going on than meets
the eye.

Whether we like it or not our subconscious beliefs are just as powerful, if not
more powerful, than the conscious part of the mind at creating what we think
about. If we consciously want a snazzy car, or huge salary and we
subconsciously don’t believe we deserve it then we won’t manifest them. Or
if we do we will somehow lose them.

Making sure you clear any subconscious resistance to what you want is essential
to achieving your goals. How do you know if you have resistance?  Well
something called “muscle testing” will tell you.

Try this little exercise together with a friend.  Hold your arm straight
out beside you. Hold it strong and say “My name is (Your Name)”
This is a true statement so your arm should stay strong when your friend
presses down on it as you say the words.  Now say “My name is George or
Lucy” or some other fictitious name while your friend presses down on your arm.
Your arm will probably give way slightly and test weak.

Now state your goal out loud, e.g. “I am worthy of owning a brand new BMW” or
“I deserve a $10,000 a year pay rise,” as your friend presses on your arm. If
your arm tests weak then your subconscious mind doesn’t believe you deserve you
are worthy of what you want.

A couple of fantastic ways to clear your resistance are with a technique we
call “Belief Busting” or with Hypnotherapy.  Both these techniques can
program your subconscious beliefs and get both parts of your mind working in
the same direction to manifest your goal.

Creating a Vision Board is powerful, but to make sure it will actually work
then I suggest you clear any subconscious resistance to everything you have put
on the board once it’s done.  You can easily get a friend to test you
simply by doing that same muscles testing while you look at each picture on
your board.

If any words or pictures test weak as you look at them then they are unlikely
to manifest. If thats the case then chat to Manuela, who’s running the
workshop, about Hypnosis or make a time with Tina Carr, to clear any limiting
beliefs with “Belief Busting.”

Of course vision boards don’t need to just be about material things. I have
lots of things on my Vision Board about health, serenity and a better
world.  I have absolutely no doubt that The Law of Attraction works so if
it’s not working for you in the way that you want then the only thing
sabotaging you are your subconscious beliefs.

By the way, a few of you have asked me about my house hunting.  Today we
manifested approval to rent a gorgeous brand new unit at a great price. Now
were working on manifesting a magic fairy to pack up and clean our current
house.  Wish us luck.


We have some platters, bowls etc left after our Lightworkers Lunches and a pair
of glasses found a few weeks ago upstairs in the consulting room. If they
belong to you please let us know.

Natural ceramic plate & bowl set – left at a light workers lunch earlier
this year

Oroton prescription glasses pink pearl with diamantes – left upstairs

Purple & yellow painted porcelain plate with the name ‘Kim’ on the bottom

Have a happy, healthy week,

Warm Regards,

Alison Burton

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