The Scale of Consciousness

I hope you’re coping with the current turbulent energy on the planet. We’ve had a recent lunar eclipse, it’s the Spring Equinox, Mercury is in Retrograde and we’ve had extreme solar flares. All of these things can disrupt your equilibrium so if your life has felt a little crazy lately you have a good excuse. Jade Moldovan, one of our lovely Practitioners has some advice for you regarding this if you read on.

I had a huge weekend with a wonderful Seminar in the city on Saturday morning (which I’ll tell you about next week), we spent Saturday night in Ballarat and had a big family reunion in Hamilton on Sunday. It was fabulous to meet some of my distant relatives for the first time and hear stories about my Mum and my Grandparents. My Great Grandfather was a Stonemason in the mid to late 1800’s and he built many beautiful old buildings and bridges around the Hamilton area.

It was quite moving to see his work still standing including the original house he built for his family. This house is being restored by a young couple who were kind enough to show us around. It was fascinating to imagine how my Grandfather could cut huge bluestone blocks that must have weighed 200 kilos from a quarry and then move them into position! It’s a bit like trying to fathom how the pyramids were built.

Now on a totally different subject and a very modern issue, I’ve been trying to work out how to embed a video in this Enews. I know, I know, I should probably ask a 12 year old but until then you will need to CLICK HERE to see a video by Tracy Thomson, one of our suppliers. Tracy has created a fabulous little video that tells the story of how her range of products came to be created. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

As Tracy says, everything can be measured, or calibrated, on the Scale of Consciousness. Whether it’s a skin care product, a food, a crystal, a book, an idea, a virus or a human being, this scale appears to be universal. Tracy’s products calibrated on or very close to 500 which is the level of love. These beautiful products are currently 50% off so pop into our shop to try them out.

Using Hawkins scale the average Australian, or person living in a first world country calibrates between 250-350. One thousand on the scale is the level of enlightenment. A Kinesiologist can simply scan the chart below and test at which level there is a change in your muscle strength. This is what’s called “Muscle Testing.”

Here is part of the Scale:

Setting the intention to raise your vibration means moving up the scale. When you spend more time feeling reverence and serenity for example, your vibration is higher than when you’re feeling anger or regret. The higher your vibration the happier and healthier you will be. Bacteria and viruses have a very low vibration.

One intriguing way to move up the scale towards enlightenment is to work with one of our Kinesiologists and simply ask them to assess where you are now and clear the emotion that’s holding you back. If you have someone you can’t forgive, if you’re plagued by guilt or if you struggle to trust, then you can simply set the intention of the session to achieve the next step on this scale. Our Kinesiologists, Stephanie Leishman and Jade Moldovan can help you move towards enlightenment with surprising ease and grace. THey are offering Free 15 minute sessions this week to assess where you are on this scale and discuss how they can support you on your journey.

Another way to move up the scale that I would highly recommend is to join our next Stress to Serenity Course. This course will run for 5 weeks starting at 7pm on Monday, Nov 10th. This fabulous and very popular course will guide you step by step up the Scale of Consciousness with a series of practical and enlightening techniques, tips and strategies. The course is run by Anne-Maree Hone and the cost is $185. (What a small price to pay for Enlightenment, hey??)

Now I’d like you to meet Jade….
Hey lovely people,
My name is Jade,
I have been in this industry for a while now. I was a Social Worker previously, working with many disadvantaged individuals and I decided that my calling was to work more closely with spirit and to work one on one with people. I am a Light Dynamics practitioner, Kinesiologist and Card Reader.

I believe in a person centered approach, looking at people holistically and helping them create them the best outcomes with the tools I’ve been given. I’ve been psychic all my life. I work on all levels including balancing chakras, clearing stress and anxiety and clearing attachments or psychic interference just to name a few!

My tip for the day: We are currently going through Mercury retrograde and there have been solar flare activity in our skies, the best thing to do is drink lots of water, ground, get a good night sleep and be kind to yourself! Warm Regards, Jade Moldovan

Jade and Stephanie are available this week to assess whre you are on the scale and discuss how to reach the next rung of your evolution.

One quote I remember from David Hawkin’s book Power vs Force is that “Humanity hasn’t even reached the first rung of human evolution. We are still struggling with basic issues of hunger and safety on the planet”. Just imagine a world where we all function at 500 or above. My mission is to help work towards that, one person and one step at a time.

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Have a happy, healthy week,

Warm Regards,
Alison Burton
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