A New Perspective on Radiant Health

How has your week been? I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weekend we just had. I went to Ballarat on Sunday for my father’s 86th birthday. We took a picnic lunch with us and we were joined by our three children, their partners and our grandson, who’s nearly two. My dad was thrilled to bits to catch up with everyone and it was a fabulous day. Sharing a relaxed meal with family and/or friends is such a nice thing to do.

Although we had our picnic at my parent’s home and we sat at a table rather than on the grass, we were outside in their beautiful garden. My dad has been a vegie grower all his life. I remember as a child eating fresh peas straight from the garden, picking beans, (not my favourite) sweetcorn, carrots and tomatoes. We even had a cherry and a nectarine tree in the garden and an abundance of blackberries down by the local creek. Eating fresh was easy. And those foods grown in the backyard of my childhood tasted so different to what I buy today.
I’ve talked before about the nutritional content of fruits and vegies and the fact that most foods (and people) today are depleted of vitamins and minerals. Because our agricultural soil is lacking many of the 84 trace minerals essential to health, it’s actually impossible these days to get all the nutrition that you need from food, even if you do eat mostly organic foods. That’s why I take a daily dose of colloidal minerals, a liquid suspension of all the essential trace minerals the human body needs. Its the one supplement that EVERYONE should be on.

One aspect of eating fresh foods that you may not have thought about is the “Life Force” or Chi Energy in a food. You’ve probably heard of Kirlian Photography or Aura Photography. It’s a type of photography that shows the electromagnetic field around a person or object. You may have had your aura photo taken at a Psychic Festival. I’ve had mine done a couple of times and I find it fascinating.

Well, this week we got a new book in the shop called “Eating for Beauty” by David Wolfe. Now this is not normally a title that would appeal to me because I thought it was just about external looks, but it’s actually about something quite different. Our shop manager, Kath, and I were intrigued by the Kirlian photos of food. You can clearly see light radiating from the fresh, organic foods and much less from commercially grown or cooked foods. The book compares a whole range of different organic and commercial foods, cooked and raw foods, meat, fruits and vegies etc. and the photos are truly fascinating. Here’s one comparing organic and commercial broccoli.

The organic broccoli on the left is radiating far more light, showing that it contains more Life Force. Scientists have only recently discovered this light and have called the light particles emitted by living things Biophotons. The cells of all living things communicate via this light. It travels through acupuncture pathways (meridians) and via the outer casing of nerves. The membrane of a nerve cell is hollow and acts like a fibre optic cable. How amazing its that?

It’s this Life Force, of course, that keeps us alive and well. It’s what make you feel radiant as opposed to feeling drained. Acupuncture stimulates and corrects the flow of this energy to specific organs and glands. Reflexology corrects it through the whole body and Reiki, Energy Healing, Light Dynamics or our Crystal Light Bed give you a big dose of it. You see, there IS method in our madness. I’m sure conventional medicine will catch up with us at some stage. 🙂

When you eat foods that have no Life Force they drain this energy from your body and accelerate the ageing process. And… you guessed it, those food are the processed, packaged, preserved foods with a long shelf life. They have a long shelf life because there is actually no “Life” in them. I wonder what a Kirlian photo of a packet of dry biscuits might look like?

Now, in just the same way that you can acquire this Life Force from foods, you can also acquire it from other people. That’s what Energy Healing is all about. When an Energy Healer puts their hands on you they transfer that Chi Energy into your body. It literally recharges you. Training in Reiki or Light Dynamics or Dimensional Therapy teaches you to channel this energy rather through you than transfering and depleting your own energy. People often say they feel lighter and clearer after a one of these treaments with our Practitioners. They actually come out of the treatment room looking radiant! (By the way we have a Reiki Course this weekend if you’re interested)

I’m sure you’ve noticed that people can either drain your energy or give you energy without even touching you. Just being in their presence is enough. We also get a good dose of it energy in nature. A Kirlian photo of a garden or a rain forest would literally be like something out of the movie Avatar. A photo of an office space or industrial area would be quite different.

So what if ageing was simply a matter of running out of Life Force energy? Would knowing that influence what you choose to eat? Or who you spend time with? Or where you spend time? Or what treatments you seek when you are sick? Hmmm…. Food for thought hey? Let’s hope my Dad got a good dose of Life Force energy last Sunday with the triple whammy of fresh food, his gorgeous garden and surrounded by family who love him.

If you’re interested in recharging your Life Force give Leah or Kath call today on 98427033 to see which treament might suit you best.

Have a happy, healthy, radiant week

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